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The living room is a significant area in your home. It is where people spend most of their time with loved ones. Also, people love to chill with their friends around the living room. Having your living room well-lit comes with numerous benefits: improving your mood, enhancing your safety, and taking care of your health. One of the modern ways of lighting up a house is using the contemporary living room table lamp. Here are some of the benefits of having some in your house.

  1. They act as a decorative piece. Most contemporary living room table lamps have a high aesthetic value. They can double up as a statement piece in your living room, leaving a lasting impression on everyone that walks into your space.
  2. Good lighting improves your health; it improves your mood and wards off depression. Lighting helps the brain produce more serotonin and less melatonin, thus reducing depression and premenstrual dysphoric disorders. For pregnant women, light helps in reducing depression.
  3. Good lighting helps with aging eyesight, and also it is crucial for young people that have an eyesight problem. As your eyesight begins to dwindle, it becomes increasingly hard for you to see or read documents with fine print without reading glasses. To help with this problem, good lighting is recommended as it helps prevent eyes from overworking and straining in dark rooms. This will help prevent your eyes from further degrading.
  4. Creates a focal point -People love to gather around well-lit spaces. Choosing to add contemporary living room table lamps into your space will help you create a space that sparks conversations and adds to the decor that you have in your living room.
  5. Improves your ambiance- Lighting can be used as an extension of your personality. You can manipulate your living room’s lighting to create the kind of environment or mood you want. You can make your home warm, cozy, romantic, or even minimalistic by using lights. Having lights that have dimmers switches will especially go a long way in allowing you to change the lighting from bold to dim.
  6. Lighting enhances your home space. A brightly lit room is undeniably welcoming. Adding some light to your living room helps eliminate shadows and dark spots that may appear uncared for. Well-lit spaces are inviting, and unforgettable as your guest will come in and have their fun times and create unforgettable memories.
  7. Reduces accidents; a well-lit living room is a secure space for everyone that walks in. Whether you have toddlers at home or older adults, having your home well lit will help them see any obstructions that would cause them to fall, thus enhancing their home’s overall safety.

With all these benefits that come from having a well-lit room, you may now be considering making your first living room table lamp purchase. Here is a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

  • Table lamp size, considering the lamp’s size, is essential to the lamp’s decorative details. An adequately scaled table lamp is more beautiful, and it enhances your eye safety by preventing the light from shining directly into your eyes. Using the eye level rule will help you in making the right table lamp choice. For the living room, when sitting on your sofa, the bottom of the shade should line up with your eye level.
  • What are your must-have features for a table lamp? Table lamps are decorative as much as they are lighting solutions. Therefore, you should look out for features that make you happy and align with your personality. Some of the features that you may be looking for include;
  1. Table lamps with night lights. They offer overall ambient lighting when all the other features are on, and the lighting is accented when you put on the nightlight feature.
  2. Tabe lamp with double pull chains-These pull chains gives you two levels of light. If you want to read using the light, you can turn on both of them; you can use a single chain for watching TV or for your general room illumination. The pull chains are easy to reach and use, thus making them a perfect option, especially if you have a reading spot in your living room.
  3. Table lamp with a USB port. This port provides a quick and convenient way of charging your electronics without necessarily using the traditional outlet.

The material of the lamp is also another vital consideration to make. Choosing one that does not wear off or depreciate in value so rapidly would be a plus.

The design of the lamp. Contemporary lamps now come with varying designs, and it is up to you to choose a design that will suit your lighting needs and one that will complement your interior decor and add a touch of class to your living room spaces.

With this bunch of information, now you are ready to head out to the market and make your table lamp purchase. Here is a list of the best eight in the market.

1. LC2000-GRY-2PK2 Pack Mod by Elegant Designs

  • This 60 watts rotary style is a beautiful addition to your living room. It has a length of 10-inches, a width of 6-inches, and a height of 21-inches. It is made of medium-density fiberboard.
  • Each set of this lamp comes with two lamp bases and two shades.
  • The bases are wrapped with genuine leather.

Customers feedback

Online customers that bought this unit are generally satisfied. One of them said in their reviews, “great purchase! I will buy another one for another room.” They like the lighting of the piece and the beauty of it.

2. Crystal Table Lamp by Focondot

  • This piece gives a touch of elegance and romance to your room. The design is stylish and elegant. It comes with 176 pieces of K9 crystals, which are wired by workers. Adding them to the light adds to the touch of elegance of the whole lamp.
  • The lampshade has a diameter of about 4.3 inches and 9.4-inches in height. When assembled, the lamp is about11 inches high and has a 4.4 inches diameter antislip pedestal that makes it perfect for decorating your room.
  • This unit is easy to use. The distance between the on and off switch and the lamp base is about 21.5 inch which makes it very convenient to use.
  • The lamp offers you the flexibility to choose the light bulb that you want to use. You can go for a warm white, cool white or a smart color-changing bulb depending on the light effects you want in your living room.
  • It is easy to move the lamp around if you need to use it in a different room at any one point. It as a weight of around 1.8 pounds.
  • It is easy to assemble this lamp. You will not require the services of a professional electrician to get your lamps going.

Customer feedback

Customers are pleased by the versatile nature of this item. You can pack it in a bag and move with it while on tour or pack it for your son/ daughter, who is in boarding.

3. Spiral Design LED Table Lamp by Albrillo

  • This unit is designed to leave a lasting visual impression on everyone who walks into your spaces. The unit is made of stainless steel, and its warm white light creates a comfortable atmosphere making your house modern and classy. This piece makes for a perfect adornment for your living room.
  • It has dimmable features, which makes it easy for you to control the amount of light you want and the quality. By simply touching the unit, you can adjust the lights to your need. Also, the 1.5m cable makes it very convenient to control the lamp.
  • Excellent at eye care! This streamlined model of the lamp weakens the direct emission of light. It has high-quality SMD 2835 LEDs that do not produce stroboscopic, which will not fatigue the yes even after using it for long hours. You can enjoy a uniform and soft, warm light every time.
  • Skid-proof and stable metal base. The base of this unit is made with a non-slip material, thus making it convenient to use without worrying about it slipping and falling.
  • The solid iron and high-quality aluminum used on the unit guarantees a long lifetime, thus guaranteeing you a long life enjoyment.
  • This unit comes with a twenty-four months warranty after your original purchase. A thirty-day return guarantee is also possible with this unit.

Customer feedback

Most customers are taken aback by the design of this piece and how well it works. Some also mentioned that it is a vital addition to a modern and elegant space.

4. Double Spiral LED Table lamp by Elinkume

First off, let’s talk about the magical, modern, and classy design of this unit. It is well thought and designed to ring a touch of class to your room. This unit will catch your eyes with its bright warm white light. The great combination of the double spiral lamp body and the metal base is fantastic for functionality and style.

  • This unit is dimmable, and it is easy to adjust the lighting using buttons until you find the perfect lighting in line with your needs.
  • Perfect at eye care! This unit has an energy-saving LED strips light source, providing 12W light when it is at its maximum brightness. The LED strips are efficient, and they ensure that you significantly cut on your energy bills. The lights are non-flickering with natural light, thus protecting your eyes.
  • The lights are long-lasting and are designed to last for a 50000 hours lifespan. This light is multi-purpose. It is suitable for painting, reading, and working.
  • The lamp comes with a 12-months warranty. Any defective products are returnable within 30 days, and you will receive a full refund or a quality replacement depending on your preference.

Customer feedback

“Lamp as art” was the most captivating review we saw on this product. This pretty much summed up everything that the online buyers were saying about this unit. Most people loved the design and its beautiful nature and how well it functions. The dimmable light feature received a lot of praise from the customers, saying that they loved the fact that they could adjust the light according to their needs.

5. Lumi Bloom Modern Table Lamp by Tenergy

  • This unit has a bright bloom LED white lamp. It has eight bulbs and a spare one that emits 3000k up to 750lm warm white light for beautiful radiance. This makes it a great centerpiece for your living room or any other space you want to use.
  • This lamp table can be personified and used as an extension of your personality in different spaces. Its branch pieces are easily configurable, making it possible for you to create and redesign it according to your will. This also helps bring out your creative side and helps you create something that makes you come alive.
  • It is excellent at eye care; the light is without flicker or dazzle effect, thus offering a no fatigue brightness. The light won’t weigh heavily on your eyes even after a long period of using it.
  • It is easy to control the Lumi bloom table lamp. Combining it with a smart outlet makes it possible to control it with Alexa or Google Home. You can also use a wall switch for the convenient switching on and off of the unit.
  • This lighted tree lamp is made safe to touch low voltage sockets and BPA free material, thus enhancing the safety of use around the house.
  • This table lamp is energy saving. Its LED light bulbs consume 85% less energy and last twenty times longer than the incandescent bulbs.
  • Registering your table lamps offers you an extended warranty and lifetime support.

Customers feedback

Customers rated this lamp as above and beyond their expectations. It is easy to assemble and has a quiet white light. The lamp was rated to be a good gift idea.

6. Lighted Brown Tree Branch with ICY by LITBLOOM

Cultivate a winter forest in your living room with this lit branches that are soft on the eye. This lamp is dotted with warm white fairy lights. The branches are exquisite on their own or when trimmed with other ornaments, thus making the lamp a statement piece for your home.

  • This light can be perfect for the holiday season like Christmas; it creates a welcoming ambiance for your celebrations.
  • This unit is easy to use and set up. A battery pack powers it; it has six hours on and eighteen hours off timer function.
  • This unit is waterproof and lightweight, meaning you can move it to different spaces according to your preference, and also, they can be used outdoor.
  • Bendable design- this makes it perfect for DIY. The branches are flexible and sturdy; you do not have to worry about breaking in the process of crafting them to your preferred design. The unique combination of faux and floral on the lamp makes your home elegant and shiny.
  • This unit is made with a lot of attention to safety details. With over twenty years of experience in their pockets, Litbloom has designed this piece carefully; thus, it is safe to use it at home. The unit is certified by ISO9001, CE, UL, CP65.
  • The lamp is made of sparking and vivid dark brown branches full of 24 bright ice-like flowers; this gives the light a cute and modern look.

Customer feedback

“Good product” “so beautiful” are some of the reviews made on this item by the online buyers. The soft light tends to be going well with a lot of online buyers.

7. LED Table Desk Tree Branch Lamp by Fugetek

Bring life to your living room by purchasing this stylishly designed table lamp. It has eight bulbs of warm white light, making it possible to have great mood lighting anywhere, anytime you want it. It is an incredible focal point in your living room.

  • For the creatives, thank heavens! This is your chance to shine and explore your creativity. This table lamp is customizable, meaning you can design it to your preference. Each branch is configurable with multiple designs and combinations. With this, you can put your mind all in, and create the lighting you have always desired.
  • This lamp is excellent at eye care. It has warm light brightness, no flickering, or a harsh effect on the eyes.
  • The lamp has a low voltage design making it safe for your whole family. BPA free materials make it suitable for use anywhere at home or in the office. It is perfect for people across age, whether kids or the elderly, it has their safety in check.
  • Saves energy and money, the bulbs in this lamp consume 85% less energy, and they can last up to 20 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. This helps to reduce your electricity bills and also save energy significantly.
  • The product comes with a one-year hassle-free limited warranty; therefore, you can head over and purchase it as the quality is guaranteed.

Customers feedback

“This lamp is probably one of my favorite purchases I have ever made. It is perfect for my desk at work; the whimsical nature of it just makes anyone who sees it smile and keeps the mood more relaxed.” said a satisfied Amazon customer.

8. Dimmable Touch Control Table Lamp by Boncoo

This unit offers an adorable stylish design that improves the overall look and feel of your space. The white opal glass lampshade enables the dimmable lamp to create a romantic ambiance. Its shape that looks like a wine goblet makes it perfect as a night light, ambient lamp, or as a decorative piece when the light is off.

  • This lamp is excellent at eye protection. It uses a 2700K LED candle bulb; it has no flickers or buzzing. It has less heat output, and it emits soft light to protect your eyes from strain. It is user friendly when you are relaxing.
  • It is long-lasting and is practical to use. It adopts a metallic material that lowers the center of gravity. It is made of an anti-corrosion and anti-deformation metal. The lamp is sturdy and has a stable base, thus making it safe to use without the fear of it tripping.
  • The unit comes with a 59-inches long power cord, which is long enough to find a power supply to plugin; therefore, you do not require any additional accessories.
  • This lamp is great for use at any time of the day. It is a four-stage dimmer; it has a low, medium, high, and off level touches. You can set the lighting depending on your needs; for example, you can set it at medium while playing your computer games or set it low when you need to relax at night.
  • Amazing dimensions. Unlike other table lamps, this lamp is designed to take up the least space in your room or table, yet yield plenty of light. It has a 4.33″ diameter and 8.07″ height. You do not have to worry about space with this lamp.
  • This lamp is versatile and can be put into multiple uses. You can place it in your living room and move it to other spaces if need be such as coffee stations, work desks, and kitchen corner.

Customer reviews.

“Not only does this lamp feature a sleek and modern design, but it also has three levels of brightness ranging from soft to ultra-bright. It’s great for studying, great for nighttime reading, and great for dark closets. The globe itself is a frosted glass wine glass shaped dome that sits on a silver base. The base is heavy enough to support the dome and is super easy to clean if needed. Great lamp for the price! I would definitely recommend,” said a satisfied Amazon customer.

Conclusive Ideas

The importance of adding a contemporary living room table lamp cannot be emphasized enough. It will make your space cozy and homely. Narrowing down to the option you choose after going through this review boils down to your personal preference and what you are looking to achieve for your space. Also, getting a table lamp is an excellent choice if you are looking at gifting someone special or a family member. It is a generous, thoughtful, and cost-effective gift idea.

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