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A well-organized garage is a plus to the overall look of your home. Adding stylish storage to your garage improves the overall look and feel of the place. Proper organization helps maximize the available garage space, making it easy to retrieve anything when you need it. Also, the modern, stylish overhead garage racks, are item statement for your garage. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing an overhead garage storage system.

  • They create storage space where there was none and add somewhere there was not enough storage. Overhead storage systems are among the few items that you will purchase and save you some space instead of taking up more in your room.
  • The organization’s ability of the best garage overhead storage system keeps your garage floor space clean and clutter-free.
  • They help you store those seasonal items that you do not want to throw away, and you don’t know where to keep them as they await their next use.
  • They help you keep the delicate items off the floor, thus eliminating their contact with water, which may cause them to rust and also removing the risk of your items getting flooded.

The market today is flooded with numerous styles and designs of garage storage. Depending on your needs, you may choose which storage to settle for. However, we have a few points that will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the right storage for your garage.


Going for big storage will help you have enough space to store your necessities. Usually, storage racks have an option of fixed sizes or expandable sizes if you have a precise number of items that you want to store, then you might consider going for the fixed size storage. If you are not sure about your future storage needs, then going for an expandable storage rack will be the most convenient option for you.

You settle for extra capacity instead of an expandable storage system. In that case choosing a storage system that has wall mount brackets will allow you to secure the overhead storage to the wall, therefore increasing the weight capacity. The popular sizes in feet are 4*8, 3*8,4*6, and 3*6.

Adjustable Heights

If you have a garage space with limited space or have a lot of items to store in the garage, settling for a storage system with adjustable heights would be the best option for you. Adjustable height allows you to lower or raise to either increase or decrease the vertical storage space to accommodate your items.

With most height-adjustable storage, they have the flexibility of between 22 inches to 40 inches, thus depending on your space needs, you can adjust them.

Weight capacity

The amount of eight you are considering to store in the overhead racks should be a good starting point for deciding the storage space to purchase. Usual garage overhead joints can support fifty pounds per square feet. Exceeding this capacity damages the storage rack and checks that the joints’ material makeup is strong enough to support the weight.

The load capacity that a storage rack can support usually differs according to the beam construction. The z-beam and the L-beam often support lesser load capacity compared to the c-channel beams.

Ceiling Compatibility

It is essential to consider the compatibility of your storage system with the ceiling of your garage. Having storage with universal compatibility with the various ceiling joists will take off the pressure of having a system that you can’t mount on the walls.

Motorized overhead garage storage

The hustles of having to climb up and down a ladder every time you want to store or use something from the overhead storage can be too much. As a result, opting for a motorized storage system will save you energy. At a press of a button, you can quickly and conveniently raise or lower the racks, thus, making loading and unloading of the racks incredibly easy.

The best overhead garage storage systems that have the motorized feature use a wall mount push button that is fitted with a keyed lockout. This feature helps in preventing unauthorized use. If you opt for a motorized storage system, make sure it is made of the thickest and the most durable steel. This automized system should attach to at least four joints, and its height should be at least thirteen feet. The best storage space should at least have a capacity of 400 pounds.

Overhead storage safety

You don’t want to walk into your garage and have things falling from the ceiling on you. Worse still, you don’t want to walk and find you stored items together with the racks scattered all over the floor. That is why you should check out for a few precautions.

A common mistake that people make is measuring the required space with their garage doors open. It is advisable to measure with your doors closed.

Avoid fitting the racks too close or right next to the garage door tracks, to avoid limiting the useable storage space.

If you want to fit a rack in a space near the garage door, you need to ascertain that there is enough clearance between the door and the ceiling-mounted racks.

After receiving the unit, ensure that it comes with all the fastening bolts to secure the racks properly. Also, check that the racks have a safety lip of at least two inches to prevent the stored things from falling off.

Now you have the buying tips, let’s get right into the best overhead racks in the market.

1. 4*8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack by FLEXIMOUNTS

It is time to get everything off your garage floor with the Fleximount overhead garage storage rack. Avoid water damage and store your items off the floor, especially the seasonal and the unused items. Also, this rack system will help you avoid cluttering your garage space, thus preventing rodents and insects in your garage.

  • This storage rack has a length of 96ft, 48ft in width, and a height that is adjustable between 22to40″. Ceiling dropdown provides you with up to 105cubic feet of storage.
  • You can add accessory hooks to this rack to add more storage for hangable items.
  • This overhead rack is safe, and it has long ceiling brackets that are designed to attach to 2 studs. It has six vertical posts, thus providing safety. Also, the contact surface is large, increasing the stability and the overall security of the racks.
  • These racks are of premium quality, the screws are carefully selected, and all the other hardware have gone through strict tests to ensure maximum safety. This unit has a heavy-duty cold-rolled steel construction that provides safety in loading up to 600lbs.
  • This unit has an integrated grid design that is stable and sturdy, compared to others with separate frames and wire.
  • These racks are easy to install, the manual comes with a step by step instructions, and also, the sellers avails a youtube video to provide you with visual installation help.

2. 00625 45-inches by 45-inches overhead storage system by Hyloft

This storage system is ideal for storing large, bulky items in the garage, basement, office, closet, or any other room in your home that needs additional storage space. It helps in keeping items up and out of the way. This unit helps store holiday decorations, luggage, coolers, and other occasional-use items in the house.

  • The height of this storage system is adjustable from 17 inches to 28 inches; thus, it can accommodate any joist configuration. This storage unit is made of strong, durable steel which has an attractive, scratch-resistant powder coat finish.
  • This unit holds up to 250lbs of evenly distributed weight.

3. Portamate PBR-004 Storage Racks by Bora

In small workspaces and garage, it can be tough to find storage spaces that don’t take up the precious floor space. The PBR-004 4-Level Lumber storage rack is versatile, thus, allowing you to take advantage of the vertical storage for either wood, pipes, and other items that may be hard to store any time you need it.

  • These garage overhead storage racks, allow you to use the vertical space, leaving room underneath to store other things.
  • It is quicky and easy to install. The installation does not require any special skills.
  • This unit can be wall-mounted in your garage or workshop.it has a length of 24.5 in height and up to 72″*12.
  • These overhead storage racks are designed with the ability to support a weight of up to 440-lb, meaning each shelf can hold up to a weight of 110 lb. This eliminates any worry for you if you are looking to store heavy items and clear them off the floor.
  • These racks are constructed using heavy-duty materials. The lumber shelving is made of 1-inch steel tubes, making it unbelievably strong. This makes the unit durable, and you can count on it to serve you for years without any breakages.

4. Overhead GearLoft Garage Storage Rack by Gladiator

  • These racks bring in a new dimension to the overall organization of your garage and spaces. It will help you get a tonne of seasonal items off the floor, freeing up space and making your garage tidier.
  • This storage system has an adjustable height that allows you to store things of up to 50 cubic feet. The system can also hold up a weight of up to 350lbs that is evenly distributed.
  • Installing this unit is easy and straightforward and does not require you to have any special skills to install.
  • This storage system is made up of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant hard coat finish materials. This ensures the durability of the storage system and reduces the normal wear and tear of the unit.
  • The height of this overhead storage system can be adjusted from 23″ to 37″. The EZ connect locking of the system holds it together and enhances the safety of the storage system.

5.01031 Folding Storage Tireloft by HyLoft

Getting this multi-solution product will save you a lot of life hustles. The system is essential for storing seasonal tires, track tires, recreational tires, and wheels. Also, it can be used as a wall loft to store boxes, bulk products, bikes, and totes. It can also be used as a workbench and be folded right back after you are done working.

  • This storage system is adjustable from the width of 32inches to a width of 48 inches.
  • The construction is made of steel and has a scratch-resistant silver powder finish.
  • The storage system holds a weight of up to 300lbs.it can accommodate up to four standard vehicle tires. It comes along with its hardware during purchase.
  • The tire loft is easy to install and is lightweight.

My Opinion

With the above information on the best overhead storage racks, you are now set to make your purchase. But before that, let us add a few points to your buying checklist to ascertain your right purchase.

  1. Have you measured your garage space where you intend to install your overhead storage racks? Is the space enough for the installation?
  2. Does your designated space for installation have enough clearance to ensure your safety?
  3. Do you intend to install the overhead storage near the garage doors? Then check that you will be able to open and close the door after installation.
  4. Have you checked the compatibility of your ceiling with the overhead storage you intend to spend your money on? If not, check that first before making your purchase.
  5. After ascertaining all the above points, I am sure you have an idea of what to settle for now check if that unit comes with all the hardware you need for installation. Suppose it doesn’t then make plans to order the hardware alongside the racks.
  6. Is the model of racks you have settled for sufficient to provide you with the space that you require? If yes, you are good to go! If no, don’t fret! You can consider adding some racks to increase the carrying capacity.

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