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Portable air conditioners are made in such a way that you can move them to any room of your house, depending on your cooling or heating needs. Most people who have casement windows may tend to think that these portable air conditioners are not for them. However, this is not the case as installing a portable air conditioner in a room with casement windows is both possible and easy to do.

Most portable air conditioners may come with a traditional window; it is easy to fabricate and insert to allow you to vent the air conditioner through your window. Most portable air conditioners are sold together with a kit that allows you to run the hose that carries the air in and out of the room. Alternatively, you can purchase a kit in a heating and air conditioning parts store.

Recently, the price of air conditioners has significantly reduced compared to when they first hit the market. Also, there are multiple options for you to choose from, and that may leave you wondering what to settle for. Here is a simple buying guide for a portable air conditioner for casement windows.

The right size

  • With the size of portable air conditioners, there aren’t too many options, you just have two and choosing the right size is a function of more than just the footage of the room or zone. Generally, an 8,000BTU AC is designed for a 300-350 square feet room. And a 10,000 BTU AC is best when used in a 400-450 square feet room.
  • Luckily, the department of energy provides more guidance on how to size an air conditioner for casement windows. Here is a highlight of the guidelines.
  • i. If the room you are placing the AC is shaded, you can use the designated size or go for a smaller than recommended size.
  • ii. If it is sunny, go for a larger sized AC, which is a better option.
  • iii. The room’s capacity. If the room usually has more than two occupants, then going for a larger sized AC will serve your needs better.
  • iv. The use of the room you are placing the air conditioner. If you intend to use the portable air conditioner for casement windows in a kitchen, for example, then opting for a larger than the recommended size AC will work well for you.

Your preference for an AC

Different people have different air conditioning needs. One may settle for a particular AC because of its functionality, price, etc. whatever the reason, every unit that we review can serve the essential purpose and offer you some additional qualities. You can choose between a basic, better and the best air conditioner. However, don’t fret! For every one of these AC, you can rest assured that the quality and dependability are great.

i) Basic Casement Window units

  • With these air conditioners, they will be a great go-to option if you want to work with a small budget.
  •  Also, if you are patient and you do not mind waiting for the AC to cool off the room.
  • If you are at home most of the time, say at least one hour before requiring the AC. If, for example, you have the AC in the bedroom and you are usually home at least one hour before going to bed, this AC will serve you. Since it doesn’t have a timer, you can manually turn it on an hour before going to bed.
  • If everything in the primary AC works perfectly for you. All you could be requiring in an AC is your space cooled and not any other advanced technology thing. Then, a basic AC will work perfectly well for you. The necessary AC lacks stuff like sleep, exhaust, energy saver mode. A lot of consumers do not like the energy saver and the sleep mode as they do not run the AC as cool, and therefore, it beats the logic of having the AC in the first place.

ii) Better air conditioners for casement windows

  • With these air conditioners, you will get some but not all the air conditioners’ features. A guarantee is on the quality and dependability.
  • They have various modes that will allow you to choose the air conditioners’ settings that best suit your room air conditioning needs. The three modes include; cool, dry, and fan.
  • Better air conditioners have timers on them, which adds to their convenience because you do not have to leave them running, but you can have cool air in your room whenever you need it without too much waiting.

iii) Best air conditioners for casement windows

  • These units come with all the features for better air conditioners for casement windows. However, that is not all they have to offer; they have some additional features to them, which makes them a worthy investment if you need all those features.
  • They have the follow-me thermostat, which is like a superpower with an AC. If you are sitting across the room from the AC, for example, then the AC automatically chooses a high fan speed to push more and more cool air to you. If you are closer to the AC, it picks a higher temperature and a slower fan speed, to give you the optimum comfort without making you chilly.
  • These Air conditioners have dry mode, which is not found in most basic and better ACs. This mode provides dehumidification in slightly damp days.

The cooling power of the AC

When trying to choose which AC to settle for, checking its cooling power is an essential guide. The higher the power it delivers, the larger the room area it can cover and vice versa. Therefore, before making a purchase, you must check the BTU.

Air speeds

Some Air conditioners have two, while others have even four airspeeds. Getting one with at least three airspeeds is better as often, they function better than those with fewer airspeeds.


Opt for air conditioners that have air and odor filters. Filters help remove dust particles, allergens, and other impurities from the air coming in through the Ac. Therefore, getting one with long-lasting filters or one that can be reused by rewashing would be a plus.

With this buying guide at hand, now we can head over to the market and see which are the three best portable air conditioners for casement windows.

1. FFRS0822S1 Heavy-Duty Window Air conditioner by Frigidaire

Are you looking to cool a room of up to 350 square feet? This Frigidaire 8,000 BTU slider/ casement room air conditioner has you covered.

  • The design is specifically for sliding or casement windows. It does not function for the standard double-hung windows.
  • The ready, select electronic controls allow you to change the modes of this AC at a touch of the button.
  • This unit has a full-function remote control that allows you to control the unit from across the room.
  • This unit allows you a lot of cooling flexibility. It has a multi-speed fan that offers three different speeds allowing cooling flexibility.
  • The four-way air direction in this unit allows you to direct the air wherever you want it.
  • The unit comes with a washable mesh filter with side-out. This feature reduces the access of bacteria to the unit, airborne particles, and other room odors. This ensures that you have a healthy and comfortable environment while using this air conditioner.
  • The unit is quiet; thus, it won’t keep you awake at night when in operation.
  • The unit’s electrical specifications are: 6.6|hosepower(cool), 0.9|power code length-6’| voltage rating-115v 60Hz|Watts (cool)-740.
  • The installation for this unit is easy and straightforward. It comes with clear step by step instructions for installation. You can do the installation without requiring any services of a professional.

2. FFRS1022S1 Heavy-Duty Window Air Conditioner by Frigidaire

This unit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to cool a room of up to 450 square feet. It is a good fit for sliding horizontal windows or casement windows, but it is not a fit for the standard, double-hung windows.

  • Ready-select electronics powers this unit in such a way that, you can select various options by simply touching a button.
  • It has a remote control that allows you to control the temperature and the fan speed of the unit from across the room.
  • It has a multi-speed fan feature, thus, allowing you to change between three different fan speeds for your cooling flexibility.
  • It has a four-way air direction that allows you to control the direction that you want the air to move in.
  • It has a washable mesh filter, thus preventing bacteria, odors, and other unwanted things from getting to the AC.
  • This unit has quiet operation; thus, it ensures that you can go about your daily business without interruptions and, while sleeping, ensure that you have a peaceful sleep while still enjoying the cooling effect of the AC.
  • This unit uses a standard 115v electrical outlet. It has dehumidification of up to 3.4 pints per hour. Thus, making it a useful unit for people whose spaces get damp at times.
  • It has a 24-hour on and off timer, thus making it convenient for you to get cool air whenever you need it without necessarily leaving the unit on.
  • It has an auto-cool mode, an energy saver, and a sleep mode.
  • This unit has an energy efficiency rate of 10.4.
  • It can be used with a window height, a minimum of 21.5-inch minimum, 40-inch maximum, and a window width of 15.5 inches.

3. MN14CCS Portable Air conditioner with Dehumidifier by Honeywell

This unit is built to last and enhance your overall experience and peace of mind. The washable dual filtration system protects the AC, thus, extending its life.

  • It has thermal overload protection on the compressor and on the motor, which enhances your safety and ensures your peace of mind is taken care of.
  • Cleaning and maintaining this unit is made easy by the washable dual filtration system. It filters dust, hair, pet dunder, and other unwanted particles from entering the system. Besides extending the life of this AC, the washable filtration system also enhances value by ensuring that impurities do not contaminate the air.
  • This unit, unlike the traditional ACs, saves you time and the hustle of heavy lifting. It comes with all the accessories, thus making the installation process easy and straightforward. All you have to do is roll the AC to your preferred cooling area, set up the window kit, and boom! You have the AC ready for use. The cooling will be immediate.
  • This unit saves you both energy and money. Unlike the central cooling system, which will leave you cooling rooms that you are not using, installing a Honeywell portable air conditioner allows you the flexibility to cool the place that you are using.
  • This Honeywell Ac has dual-motor technology, which makes it have lower noise. With the highest Ac speed, this unit produces between 52 to 54 decibels (depending on the BTU model). That is comparable to the sound of two people conversing in a room.
  • This unit eliminates the hustles of manual control. It has a smart digital thermostat system. It has a full-function remote control and clear digital controls, thus making t easy to set and change the settings from across the room.
  • It has advanced feather-touch control and display. The front panel controls and display are unique to the Honeywell air conditioners. Coupled with the shiny, smooth body of this unit, the control panel adds to the elegance and class of this unit. The display makes it easy for you to view the current and the desired thermostat settings from across the room.
  • This portable air conditioner has a self-evaporation system, making it easy to operate the system. When set in a room with high humidity, the unit is equipped with a dual drainage option that offers you the required flexibility. When using it as a dehumidifier, a continuous drain system can be set up in minutes.
  • Storing the AC at the end of the season is as easy as rolling it into the storage room until the next time you need it.

Final Thoughts on Portable Air Conditioners for Casement Windows

Purchasing either of the above portable air conditioners for the casement window will give you the best summer of your life. A worthy investment to keep cool air coming into your room when your home ventilation doesn’t quite do the job.

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