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We all know that the kitchen is the most essential room in the house. This is because everything that goes into our bodies passes by there. In these regard this room should be kept very clean. The kitchen consists of very many things, the cutlery, the fridges, the microwave, the cabinets to mention but a few. The cabinets form the major part of the kitchen and hence cleaning them makes the whole room sparkle. Most people call it the small heaven.

Steps of cleaning the kitchen cabinets

  1. Empty all the cabinets- All items that are stored in the cabinets should be removed and placed somewhere safe where they can not be damaged and also you cannot fall on them if you cleaning the high placed cabinets
  2. Wipe the Cabinets – Use a clean clothe or towel to wipe all the spillage in the cabinets as these sometimes when you spill water on them they may become difficult to clean
  3. Use detergents – At this point you have made some progress in cleaning the cabinets, you should have your detergents already in place and therefore now use them to wipe your cabinets thoroughly. If the cabinets are made of wood, ensure that you do not leave water on them as this may damage them. Use a clothe that can dry all the water and wait for them to completely dry before you stack back your items.

A Review of the Best Products for cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Speciality Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner by Easy-Off

The name of this product speaks volumes. It does wonders in terms of cleaning the kitchen surfaces. Tough stains that give you nightmares can easily be removed  by the speciality Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner. Greases on the cabinets do not bright a really right image of our kitchen to our visitors and more so to ourselves.

Features of the product

  • Easy to use
  • Good lids that do not allow for spillages and wastage
  • Affordable

Customer Feedback

Most of the customers who have used it have liked it as it does wonders to kitchen surfaces and is not only limited to the  cabinet but can clean things like the microwave and the cookers. Customers also recommend the wearing of gloves when handling it so that you do not wear your hands as the chemicals used are abit tough.

  1. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser – Removes kitchen Grease, Grime and Baked on Foods

Kitchen Grease, grime and baked on food can really be a headache, apart from making the kitchen untidy they also paint a bad image of ourselves. We have to get rid of them by all means and therefore a great product is needed to do this great work. As we clean the kitchen surfaces our hands are mostly used and therefore they should be properly covered by gloves.

Features of Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser

  • Does not harm the kitchen cabinets
  • Works on Greasy cabinets
  • One time scrubber
  • Friendly to use

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very essential when it comes to product review. These is beacause they are the people who have interacted with the product at first hand and therefore what they feel or perceive is of essense to the manufacture to improve and also to see how their products are doing. The ones who have used these product do feel its worth all the cost. They also advice us to observe care when handling the product because of its chemical components

  1. Original Degreaser – Removes Stubborn Grease and Grime – Powerfull Multipurpose Cleaning Solution for Home by Stanley Home Products

These product is packaged in a colourless container and therefore one can easily see its components from the outside. It has a friendly seal that does not spill the bottle components. Stubborn stains on kitchen surfaces are easily removed by these product. As you can see from its name, it’s a solution and hence can be easily dissolved in water for faster and convenient use. Everyone who visits your kichen will be mouth agape because of how sparkling clean it is upon use of these product.

Product Features

  • Tough cleaning
  • Convenient for both hard and soft water
  • Cost Effective
  • Multi Cleaner Detergent
  • Packaging is friendly


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