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Portable inflated bathtubs have become the best thing that you must have in your home. They are very flexible in the sense that you can use them anywhere in your house. These bathtubs provide so much comfort as they have a base soft like the yoga mats. Fixing is also easy as they come with a pump that inflate them in just a few minutes. The head rest also provides so much comfort for you. Below are top 15 best rated inflatable bathtubs.

1. KESZING Portable Inflatable Bathtub by KESZING

  • The bathtub is 25.5in* in-depth, which is deep enough for a person not exceeding 6.23 feet in height, and the maximum weight which the bathtub can support is 220lbs.
  • The above dimension makes the bathtub suitable for both adults and children.
  • The bathtub is vertical in shape and large enough to fit two people at the same time, for instance, a couple or the mother and child.
  • The inner layer of the bathtub is highly insulated, which thick fabric, which prevents water from leaking and, at the same time, maintains the temperature of the water for long periods. This means your water can stay hot or warm for long periods.
  • Other than being inflatable, the bathtub can be folded, making it very portable.
  • Due to its foldable, inflatable, and vertical shape characteristics, the bathtub occupies less space hence suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2. FFLSDR Portable Inflatable Bathtub by FFLSDR

  • It is horizontal in shape; hence the users can relax their legs freely when using the bathtub.
  • Has a tilt angle of 105 degrees, which is suitable for the back of the user since it relaxes the back and offers enough support while using the bathtub.
  • The headrest and the body rest cushion materials used in the bathtub are essential in relaxing the body and making the user comfortable.
  • The material used in making the bathtub is strong PVC, which allows the bathtub to be folded for as many times as possible making it portable.
  • The PVC material used is tasteless, and it is non-toxic; hence the health of the user is considered by the bathtub.
  • The bathtub is durable and long-lasting.
  • The bathtub is suitable for all temperatures; hence it can be used during all seasons of the year.
  • The bathtub has double drainage, which makes the drainage process extremely fast.

3. HIWENA Inflatable Portable Bathtub by HIWENA

  • Has an internal dimension of 48 inches in length, 23 inches in width and 17.5 inches in height. This makes the bathtub suitable for both adults and children; hence it is a family bathtub.
  • It is inflatable; hence when not inflated, it occupies small spaces making it very portable, therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It has the ability to support both cold and hot water.
  • It is made with a PVC material which is 30% extra thick compared to most bathtubs in the market hence a higher insulation capacity, reduced damage possibilities thus the bathtub is durable
  • The bathtub has double plugs for drainage hence making the drainage process very fast.
  • It has three floors, and each floor has a valve that is used to inflate and deflate the bathtub; hence inflation and deflation are speedy.
  • Has a repair patch, which allows the user to repair the bathtub in case it is accidentally torn.

4. Back to 20 Adult Inflatable Bathtub by Back to 20 Company

  • Can hold a person who is 1.75 in height maximum and 100 kilograms in weight.
  • The bathtub comes with a preinstalled electric pump, which is used in inflating the bathtub; hence the process of augmenting is made extremely fast.
  • It is made with heavy PVC, which is exceptionally durable.
  • Due to the heavy PVC material, the bathtub is insulated and reduces the chances of it getting torn.
  • It has a soft floor, which makes it very comfortable for the user while relaxing in the bathtub.
  • The bathtub can be folded when deflated; hence it is portable, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • It can hold two people at a time.
  • It has an adjustable headrest which the user can adjust to suit his/her needs making the bathtub comfortable.

5. G Ganen Unisex Bathtub by G-Ganen

  • The bathtub is 75 centimeters in diameter and 75 centimeters in length, making it large enough to relax in.
  • Due to its small nature, the bathtub occupies little amounts of space; hence it is space-efficient.
  • The bathtub can be deflated and folded and then inflated for use, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • The bathtub is tiny, which increases its portability aspects.
  • It is made using a non-phthalate PVC material, which is considered among the friendliest material to the environment; thus, the bathtub ensures environmental sustainability is achieved.
  • The PVC material used to make the bathtub is three-layered, making the bathtub very strong and durable.
  • The three layers also prevent leakages and are suitable for insulating materials.
  • Allows the user to stretch their feet freely.
  • It can hold two people at once.

6. ECOiNVA Inflatable Bathtub by ECOiNVA

  • The PVC material used to make the bathtub is solid and durable; also, the material is non-toxic, which makes the bathtub friendly to the environment
  • The material used is friendly to the user too; hence after enjoying a bath in the bathtub, the user is not left with itching skin.
  • Allows the user to enjoy different types of baths, such as milk baths, flowers, baths, and others.
  • Regular use of the bathtub has health benefits similar to those of using the spa, such as elimination of toxins in the body, relaxing the skin of the user, and also useful in sliming.
  • It can be used as a warm spa during winter and as a cold spa during the summer season.
  • Allows for the rolling back of the top cover of the bathtub, which gives the user increased privacy and helps maintain the temperature of the water.
  • Comes with a unique storage box.

7. Sibosen Inflatable Portable Bathtub by Sibosen

  • Made of high-density PVC material, which is durable and long-lasting.
  • The PVC used is non-toxic hence friendly to the environment. At the same time, the manufacturer has incorporated thermal fusion features in the material to achieve a relaxing, comfortable bath and spa to the user.
  • Comes with a 220 voltage pump for inflating, deflating, and pumping in water and out. The pump can be replaced with a version that is 120 0r 110 volts on request by the user.
  • The bathtub has a neck rest and an armrest pillow, which gives the user a relaxing experience and prevents the user from getting tired quickly.
  • The top cover can be zipped back, giving the user maximum spa experience, and extra privacy is achieved too.
  • The bathtub has three different air holes, small, medium, and large, which can be used depending on the inflating and deflating speed desired.

8. Octu24M Portable Inflatable Bathtub by Octu24M

  • The bathtub comes in three different sizes.
  • The bathtub is inflatable; hence it can be dismantled and folded, making it extremely portable.
  • It can be used as a bath or as a spa.
  • The bathtub has two drainage plugs that are located at the bottom of the bathtub making the drainage process very fast since, with two drainage plugs, the drainage speed is increased two times.
  • Not the whole bathtub, which requires inflation, only the top most ring is inflatable, and a pump has been included to perform the task.
  • The bathtub has a simple design that ensures its durability.
  • It is made with a foldable PVC material without causing any damage to the bathtub making it long-lasting.
  • The bathtub is small in size, thus occupying little space when used in an indoor or outdoor setting.

9. PENSON & Co Inflatable Bathtub by PENSON & Co

  • The bathtub has a backrest and an armrest pillow, which gives the user a comfortable, relaxing experience.
  • The bathtub has an extra pillowcase, which the user can place anywhere on the bathtub depending on the area they want to achieve maximum comfort.
  • The PVC material used to make the bathtub is non-toxic, which is healthy to the user and, at the same time, environmentally friendly.
  • The bathtub has a cup holder that can be used for holding beverages, MP3 music player, or a mobile phone. This gives the user the freedom to enjoy their drink, listen to music, and keep in touch with friends while enjoying a bath or spa.
  • Upper cover can be zipped; this is important in insulating the water and, at the same time, ensuring the privacy of the user.
  • The bathtub is portable.

10. Atemou Inflatable Portable Bathtub by Atemou

  • The external bathtub dimensions are 63 inches in length, 33 inches in width, and 25 inches in length. With these dimensions, the bathtub is large enough to hold enough water to accommodate two people.
  • The tub comes with an inflatable headrest, armrest, and an extra inflatable pillow; these features give the user maximum comfort when enjoying a bath or spa.
  • With the inflatable backrest, armrest, and pillow, fatigue associated with inflatable bathtubs is a thing of the past since the user can enjoy longer bath periods.
  • The upper-most pillow can be zipped back, which keeps the water warm or cold for a maximum of one hour, depending on the user preferences.
  • The bathtub has a detachable electric pump, which is used for inflating the bathtub and pumping in water. With its detachable nature, the pump can be removed for repairs and drying too.
  • The bathtub is made with a soft material that gives comfort to the user.

11. Tech-L Inflatable Portable bathtub by Tech-L

  • The bathtub is made with a non-toxic PVC material; hence the tub is friendly to the environment and the user too.
  • The PVC material allows no air leaks or water leaks hence making the bathtub long-lasting and durable enough.
  • The PVC material doesn’t deform even after long times of deflation and folding.
  • A 24-hour test is conducted on the bathtub before certifying it is suitable for sale and human use.
  • The bathtub uses no harmful substances or materials in its manufacture, making it very healthy.
  • Other than being used as a spa and bath by adults, the bathtub can be converted into a mini swimming pool for children. This should only happen under the watch of an adult to prevent the children from drowning.
  • It is lightweight, which allows it to be carried along for outdoor use.

12. Youdepot Inflatable Portable Bathtub by YD Youdepot

  • It is 29.5 inches in height and 25.5 inches in diameter, making it large enough to hold two people.
  • The bathtub is small in size; hence it occupies limited space especially when used indoors.
  • The bathtub is quite portable, making it ideal for outdoor usage, for instance, during camping, hiking, and enjoying a sunbath in nature.
  • With its size, the user can stretch both his arms and feet while enjoying a bath in the Youdepot bathtub.
  • Made with a non-Phthalate PVC material which has passed all the health inspection and environmental tests.
  • It is made of three strong layers, which improves the insulating capabilities of the tub and makes it extra strong. This makes the bathtub quite durable. The three layers are waterproof too.
  • The tub is very easy to clean and drain through its bottom drainage plugs (2 of them)
  • It comes with a 60 day warranty period, which is 2 months.

13. Coleman Salu Spa Portable Inflatable Bathtub by Bestway

  • Unlike most bathtubs, this is among the biggest portable inflatable bathtub in the market, since it can hold 4-6 people.
  • Due to its large size, the bathtub is suitable for an entire family or a group of friends.
  • Despite its size, the bathtub can be deflated and packed for travel; hence it can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is mainly advisable to use the Salu Spa bathtub in an outdoor setting.
  • It comes with a lay-z massage system and the ability to produce water jet streams while in use.
  • The bathtub comes with a digitally controlled water heater pump, which can heat the water to a maximum of 104 degrees Celsius, or the water pump is set to heat the water at certain intervals during the bath.
  • It has a cushioned floor, which allows the users to swing their legs freely; hence it offers maximum comfort.

14. Novinex Inflatable Portable Bathtub by Novinex

  • The bathtub is freestanding; hence it consumes little amounts of space, making it suitable for indoor settings that face space challenges.
  • The Novinex bathtub is easy to assemble for use since it only requires unpacking and blowing in air, then filling it with water, and it is ready for use.
  • When it comes to drainage, the bathtub has two drainage plugs at the bottom, which double up the drainage speed making it very fast.
  • The bathtub can hold to people and still have ample space for them to swing their legs and stretch.
  • It is made with three layers, which include a PVC outer material, an innermost material, which is mesh clothing, and the interior of the tub, which is also a PVC material.
  • To eliminate the smell of the newly purchased bathtub, use warm water, which should be below 40 degrees for the first time. After the first use, the smell of the inner material disappears completely.

15. MOON- A Portable Inflatable Bathtub by Moon-A

  • Unlike most bathtubs in the market, the MOON-A has the ability to choose between colors, which are blue and pink.
  • The bathtub has a backrest and a cushion, which ensures the user is comfortable while enjoying the bath or spa.
  • The PVC material used to make the tub is non-toxic, making it environmentally friendly and healthy to your skin too.
  • It has an extra cup holder that can be used for placing a phone, a beverage, or whatever fits in there. This gives the user the freedom to carry accompaniments with them while using the bathtub.
  • The bathtub is very light, and it can be folded, making it suitable for use both indoors or outdoors, especially during travel.
  • It has an electric air pump to inflate the bathtub for use.
  • The back cover can be rolled back to maintain water temperature and privacy reasons too.

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