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Whether you are looking to replace your too old faucets or to make a complete makeover for your bathroom, adding freestanding bathtub faucet with brushed nickel will serve your needs. They will help give your bathroom a modern finish and achieve a completely different look. There are hundreds of brands in the market, and one can be indifferent about which one to choose. However, you do not have to go through that hustle of sorting out things. We did that for you, hopped into the market, and collected the best faucets for you. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Waterfall Freestanding Bathtub Faucet with Hand Washer by JiaYouJia

Are you looking into upgrading your bathroom? You can do so by installing this waterfall freestanding tub filler faucet with a hand shower. Paired with the waterfall design, this tub filler has a right-angled styling to celebrate the beauty of modern minimalism and natural forms’ fluidity.

  • This unit comes with an open rectangular waterfall spout and a slender hand shower. Its performance is pleasurable and superior and with a lot of fun and visual aesthetics.
  • The unit is simply designed and easy to operate, thanks to its single handle and a square diverter knob.
  • This faucet has a ceramic cartridge and a sedal spool arrangement; you can open one million times with no leakage. It has a maximum flow rate of 6 GPM. It includes a backflow preventer which acts like a vacuum breaker.
  • The hand shower is brass made almost with no plastic. However, it has some plastic in it for scald prevention.
  • This unit is high-quality and has a stable tripod base design. It comes with three pieces of brackets and bolts to fix the faucet to the floor.
  • It has both hot and cold hoses that are customizable in diameter. Both hoses are ½ inch for better water flow, but if you need a different length hose, you can get it customized.
  • The hand shower is made using the 304 stainless tubes in the outer tube. It has a universal extension that does not tie, and it is high temperature resistant.
  • This unit is highly flexible, the handheld shower with a 60″ stainless steel hose helps rinse off after a bath or for cleaning the bathroom. It has a diverter knob, which helps in switching between tub spout and the hand shower.
  • This unit has high longevity. The lead-free solid brass makeup, which is rust-resistant and has a brushed nickel finishing, ensures that the faucet lasts long and in good condition.
  • Installation for this unit is easy and does not require a plumber. All the hardware and the hot/ cold waterlines are included in the sale. If one needs a longer or shorter waterline, they are readily available.
  • This unit comes with a ten-year warranty under residential use, thus guaranteeing you and eliminating any fear in your purchase.

2. Freestanding Bathtub Faucet waterfall Tub Filler by Wowkk

  • This unit is made of heavy brass and has a brushed nickel finish. The hand shower is stylish and modern, and it is perfectly integrated with the main faucet.
  • The unit has a 360-degree swivel spout with waterfall spout design. This allows you to adjust the position of the spot in line with your habits and needs. The waterfall spout design is classy and modern, making the unit beautiful and eye-catching. It blends organically with the faucet bringing it into a perfect whole.
  • This unit has a good flow of water. It has a long-lasting sedal ceramic cartridge, thus allowing you to have smooth operation and good water flow. This unit can fill the 55Gal bathtub in about ten minutes at 60psi.
  • This unit comes with a multipurpose hand shower with a 59″ hoses. This feature is useful for a full-body shower, bathing your young ones, or cleaning the bathroom. The hose is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it last for long and resist corrosion.
  • The unit has a very stable design. The tripod bracket takes advantage of the triangle’s stability to ensure that the whole faucet is steady.
  • Installing this faucet is easy; the package comes with all the mounting parts. The rough-in part is not a requirement for the installation of this faucet.
  • The hot and cold water hoses are ½” each for large and good water flow. However, they can be customized into ⅜, depending on your needs. The size and length of the hoses can be customized as required by the user.
  • The unit has a flow rate of 6 GPM for the tub spout and 2.5 GPM for the handheld shower.
  • The manufacturers allow you to make pre-purchase and post-purchase consultation concerning this unit.

3. Single Handle Freestanding Bathtub Faucet by Senlesen

  • Besides adding a functional faucet to your bathtub, this faucet is stunning and could double up as a statement piece for your bathroom. It has a high-arc 360 degrees swivel spout that offers great convenience.
  • The ceramic cartridge is reliable and lost lasting. They can survive 500, 000 times of open and close test. The cartridges have been made using sophisticated engineering, therefore, bringing you the utmost convenience and control ease.
  • The single handle and diverter knob makes controlling this unit efficiently and switching from the tub spout to hand shower are also doable in a blink of an eye.
  • The unit has a spray mode and a flexible hose. This makes it easy to use when cleaning targeted places. The handheld shower is also made in a way that will match all your bathroom decorations. The stainless steel hose is 59″ long to allow flexibility.
  • In the packing list of this faucet comes the brass bodied bathtub faucet, brass tube, a handheld shower with a shower hose, hot and cold hoses, a base cover, mounting hardware and a manual for the installation instructions. Installing this faucet is easy and straightforward; you might not require the services of a plumber.
  • The overall height of this unit is 35.5″. The spout height is 34,” and the spout reach is 6.4″.
  • The hot and cold hoses of this unit have a length of 31,” but they can be customized to fit your demand and requirements.
  • The quality of this faucet is reliable as it is made of brass and has a brushed nickel finish. It is corrosion resistant and will last you for a long time while in good condition.
  • This unit should be floor mounted and has a flow of 6 GPM for the tub spout and 2.5 GPM for the handheld shower.

4. Floor Mounted Tub Faucet by Rozin

  • Rozin offers high-quality tub faucets. Having a good, comfortable shower could be your evening getaway after a long and back-breaking day at work. With the Rozin shower system, you get the best bath experience.
  • This faucet has a square design with a graceful high-arc spout. It adds to the freshness and beauty of your modern bathroom.
  • The main body of this faucet is made of brass, and the hand shower material is ABS plastic. The unit has a brushed nickel finish giving it a beautiful appearance and making it rust-resistant; thus, you will have your faucet for a long time in its good condition.
  • The unit has a handheld shower with a 59IN hose; this offers focused spraying for targeted cleaning like rinsing or cleaning the bathroom. The 59″ hose is excellent in flexibility as it allows you to move around with it.
  • The 360-degree rotation ability allows for movement and a range of bathroom activities.
  • Operating this system is easy as it has a small knob to divert the water flow from the spout to the hand shower. The faucet also has a single lever handle to allow effortless flow and temperature control.
  • This unit comes with a solid brass mounting brackets that make installation easy and seamless. The brass tripod base comes with standard expansion bolt for installation on concrete.
  • It has a cold and hot water supply separated. The single handle allows precise water temperature and volume control.
  • All the mounting hardware is included, thus guaranteeing safe and time-saving installation. This unit comes with a ten-year warranty for residential use and ensures high quality and durability for home use.

5. Floor Mounted Tub Filler Shower Faucet with Hand Sprayer Tap by Votamuta

  • This tub filler faucet gives you an unforgettable experience as you relax in a relaxing shower and enjoy the modern style of this beautiful faucet.
  • This unit is constructed using the highest brass quality and has a beautiful brushed nickel finishing to match it.
  • This unit comes with two functions, including a tub spout and a handheld showerhead. The on and off handle and diverter knob are a great addition to this faucet as they control the water’s function and water temperature.
  • The height of the faucet is 35.5,” and the spout height is 34″. The spout reach is 6.4,” and the handheld sprayer hose is 59″ the base plate size is six, and the faucet has its main body made of brass.
  • The maximum flow rate of this faucet is 6 GPM /34 LPM for the tub spout and 2.5 GPM/ 9.5 LPM for the hand shower. The unit is not suitable for use under low pressure; the recommended pressure is 0.3-0.6MPa.
  • The handheld sprayer is made of solid brass and comes with a 59″ stainless steel hose. The handheld sprayer is replaceable in case of damage.
  • The unit has a diverter knob, which makes the switching of the water flow from the tub spout to the handheld sprayer easy. Also, the diverter knob’s cartridges are replaceable in case of damage or leakage.
  • The unit has a high-quality round base plate that is stable; it includes brackets and three pieces of bolts to bolt the faucet to the floor.
  • The unit comes with a cold and hot water supply channel. The supplies are 31.5″ each. If this standard hot and cold water supply line is short for your bathtub, you can get longer or a customized one.
  • This unit is beautifully designed and is compact. It matches well with the modern bathroom decor, and the brushed nickel finishing makes the unit corrosion resistant.

6. F0001BN Freestanding Bathtub Faucet, Brushed Nickel by Woodbridge

  • This premium faucet is designed to meet your needs and allow you to have relaxing showers.
  • The faucet’s body is made of solid brass, and the hand shower is made of 304 grade (18/10)stainless steel. This makes the faucet and the hand shower tarnish and corrosion-resistant. The faucet also has a drip-free cartridge of the standard ½” IPS connection.
  • The faucet is freestanding and is usually floor-mounted using rigid tripod mounting bracket hardware that comes along with the faucet. The faucet’s cartridges are ceramic made, which makes them resistant to leaking and allows for a smooth flow of water.
  • The unit has NEOPERL aerators, which are easy to remove and clean. The hand showers are detachable to allow flexibility. The water supply lines are stainless to enable you to get clean water in the tub.
  • The unit has a maximum flow rate of 6 GPM for the tub spout and 2.5 GPM for the hand shower.
  • Installation for this unit is easy. The rough-in and all the mounting hardware required is included to bolt the unit on the floor, thus keeping the faucet stable and ensuring safety and timely installation.
  • The faucet is designed in a way that complements modern and contemporary bathrooms.
  • The ceramic cartridges are high-quality and lead-free with built-in sediment filters. The durable seals and ceramic shell prevents the system from leaking, and it promotes a smooth flow of water and enhances the overall functionality of the system.
  • The system has high-quality NEOPERL coin slot aerators that function to control the water stream’s straightness and diameter. They also reduce noise, splashing, and side spray by aerating the water as it leaves the faucet. The aerators also save water and reduce energy loss and filter any sediments in the water.
  • The detachable hand shower covers for all your bathing needs. Whether rinsing off your hair, washing your children, pets, or cleaning the bathroom after use, this hand shower will ideally help you do that.
  • The unit has stainless steel braided supply lines; they are ½ inch FIP stainless water supply lines. They make it easy to have a rough-in and secure leak-proof connection.
  • The unit has a quick freestanding mount to the floor design. Operating it is easy, and the single handle design allows for a flow rate and temperature control in a single hand. The unit has a high arch 360 degrees swivel spout.
  • Excellent customer care. After purchasing this unit, everything does not stop there. The sellers have excellent care for their customers and can help you with matters to do wit installation, part replacement, or any other questions that you might be having.

7. Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet Freestanding Tub Filler Brushed Nickel by Aolemi

  • This unit is made of premium brass material and has a brushed nickel finish that makes it resistant to corrosion and rusting. This unit has a high durability ad reliability. You are sure to use it for a long time without it rusting or changing its beautiful look.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel spout and handheld shower. There is a diverter knob between the tub spout and the hand shower. This helps to make the switching from the tub to the handheld shower easy.
  • The unit is floor mounted and comes with all the required installation hardware. It comes with ½ thread water lines, ⅜ thread adapter, and 1pair of an 8-inch extension water hoses for different needs.
  • The design for this unit is reliable and competent. It has a spout reach of 6.7″ and 45.87″ over height. The handheld shower has a hose with a length of 59,” which makes it easy to rinse off the bath after use or use for other targeted cleanings.
  • The buying package includes a bathtub faucet body, a handheld shower, a brass faucet tube, a base cover, mounting hardware, and an installation manual. It is easy to install this unit, and you can DIY the whole process.

8. Freestanding Bathtub Faucet, Brushed Nickel Floor-mounted faucets by Starbath

  • This unit has a high-quality brass tripod base; it comes standard together with the installation bolts to install on concrete. The system is easy to install, and it allows seamless passage of water.
  • This faucet comes with hot and cold water supply lines with the US ⅜ standard connection. The supply lines can be adjusted if they are shorter or longer than your bathtub.
  • This unit comes with a bracket and three pieces of bolts that are used to bolt the faucet to the floor.
  • This faucet comes with a shower handheld sprayer that is made of brass and has a no dripping design. The unit has a fingerprint-free brushed nickel, thus, making it easy to clean and maintain in daily usage.
  • The unit has high-quality ceramic cartridges that are lead-free. It has durable seals and ceramic shells to prevent the faucet from leaking, and it enhances smooth operation and functionality for over 500,000 uses.
  • The unit has high-quality copper material and has a clear mode switch to allow easy switching between tub and shower mode.
  • The unit is multifunctional; it includes a handheld shower, with a 360 degrees swivel spout. The shower has a 59.06″ shower hose. This shower is handy for focused cleanings, such as cleaning the bathroom after use.
  • The unit is high-temperature and high-pressure resistant. The quality stainless steel on the outer tubes ensures durability and makes the body of the faucet anti-corrosion.
  • This faucet comes with all the installation hardware and installation instructions. It is easy to install and get the unit running.
  • The tub spout has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, which is the standard flow.

9. Floor mounted tub Faucet Freestanding Bathtub filler with Handheld Shower by Gotonovo

  • This faucet has a body made of brass and has a brushed nickel finish. This makes it reliable and durable. The brush nickel finishing also makes the unit easy to maintain and clean.
  • The faucet’s height is 45,” and the shower hose length is 59.06″. The unit has ceramic cartridges, which makes it long-lasting.
  • The unit comes with all the mounting hardware, thus making the installation easy and straightforward. It is easy to install; you don’t require a plumber’s services as you can do it yourself.
  • The faucet has a 360 degrees swivel faucet, which is brushed with nickel, this makes it anti-corrosion and anti-scratch. It is not easily discolored, and it makes baths more comfortable.
  • The handheld shower is adjustable either to the right, left, up, or down. This makes bathing experiences fun, and also helps a lot in targeted cleaning such as cleaning the bathroom after use, rinsing off the soap on your body after a shower, etc.
  • The faucet has dual functionality. The classic and straightforward single handle shower faucet helps control hot and cold water. The diverter switch is easy to manage, and it helps to quickly switch the flow from the tub spout to a handheld shower.
  • The faucet remains stable because the tripod brackets take advantage of the triangle’s stability.
  • The faucet uses sedal ceramic cartridges to offer a good flow of water. It has a maximum flow rate of 6 GPM for the tub spout and 2.5 GPM for the handheld shower.

10. Freestanding Bathtub Faucet tub filler by Jiaen

  • This faucet is entirely made to meet your modern taste. It is made with a simple and design, making it beautiful and a good fit for all modern bathrooms.
  • The solid brass body and the ceramic valves make the unit durable for daily usage.
  • The waterfall gives a smooth flow of water, thus, creating a natural bathroom environment can act as entertainment as you take your relaxing bath, and also, it enhances your overall bath experience.
  • The unit has a waterfall sprinkler, which makes it easy to fill the tub, and the handle makes it easy to use. The waterfall makes the faucet classy and enhances your bath experience.
  • This faucet comes with a handheld shower, which gives it a lot of flexibility. The hose of the handheld shower is made of stainless steel, thus, making it easy to clean and rinse off after a shower. The handheld shower also comes in handy during targeted cleaning, such as rinsing off your body after the bath or cleaning your bathroom. The faucet has a square knob that helps in switching the flow between the hand shower and the tub spout.
  • The unit is durable as it is made of lead-free solid brass construction, which makes it rust-resistant. The brushed nickel and chrome coating ensures long-lasting functionality.
  • Installing this faucet is easy; it comes with all the mounting hardware required to bolt the faucet to the floor, thus ensuring a safe and time-saving installation. The waterlines can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • The faucet brings in the convenience and the added value of a modern bathroom, thanks to the flexibility. The first-hand control of hot and cold water is an excellent choice for your bathroom.
  • The faucet has a height of 35.04″, a spout height of 34.02″ and a spout reach of 9.25.”
  • The buying package for this unit comes with the main faucet, a standing tube, a cover, a hand shower, a shower hose, hot and cold hoses all the mounting hardware required, and the installation instructions to make the installation easy.

11. Freestanding Bathtub Faucet with Handheld Shower by Weibath

  • This faucet is a dual-function one. The aerated spout sends lots of water right down in the tub quickly and easily. The handheld shower is excellent for targeted cleanings, such as bathing your children and pets and cleaning the bathroom after use.
  • This faucet has a modern design and a brushed nickel finishing, which makes it fitting for any modern bathroom, rhyming with its decor and design.
  • It is easy to use faucet. The single handle design makes temperature regulation and flows operation smooth, and the diverter knob makes it easy to switch from the handheld shower to the tub filler spout.
  • The unit is durable; it has a solid brass construction with brushed nickel, which makes it durable and corrosion resistant; thus, maintaining it in good condition.
  • The unit comes with a 10-year limited warranty for residential users.
  • The hand shower is highly flexible as it features a 60″ PVC hose. The unit comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and a rough-in box.
  • The faucet features a swivel spout type, a brushed nickel finish, a brass body, a single handle, and a single hole. The handle is made of zinc alloy.
  • The overall height of this unit is 37.01,” and the spout height is 36.02″. The spout reach is 7.76,” and the hose length is 60″.
  • The unit has ceramic valves included. The maximum flow rate of this faucet is 6 GPM.
  • The buying package includes; the faucet’s body, hand shower, mounting hardware, rough-in box, shower hose, stand pole and escutcheon, and water pipes.

12. Freestanding Bathtub Faucet by Bagnolux

  • This floor-mounted bathtub faucet has a modern, simple design that is best suited to match your bathroom decor and add a sense of class and elegance to your bathroom.
  • The faucet is perfectly stable. The tripod base is high quality and has three expansion screws as the rough-in, to ensure that the installation process is easy and time-saving.
  • This faucet is high-quality, its whole body is made of brass, and its finishing is corrosion resistant.
  • The faucet has a single handle, which makes the control of the unit easy. Also, the square knob of the unit allows for easy switching between hand shower and filler spout.
  • The simple, well designed, right-angled filler spout makes the tub filling job easy and fast. The spout comes with an aerator, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • The hand spray has a 60″ stainless steel hose, which makes the faucet flexible as it allows you to do focused cleanings such as rinsing off after a bath or clean your children and pets.
  • The faucet body is made of high-quality solid brass preventing it from corrosion, thus keeping the faucet for long and in good condition.

13. LED Waterfall Spout Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet by Saeuwtowy

  • This freestanding faucet by Saeuwtowy is perfectly designed to fit your modern bathroom needs and give you over the mon shower experiences.
  • It has an overall height of 43.3 inches and a spout height of 39.37 inches.
  • This bathtub shower faucet has a brushed nickel finish, which makes it scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant and durable. Also, the unit has multiple-plating done on it, thus, enhancing the corrosion resistance feature. The high-contrast brushed nickel finish adds a sense of style to your decor. The faucet’s material choice meets all the required standards, thus ensuring that nothing is harmful to your health.
  • The unit has a single handle that helps in switching from cold to hot water. The unit is dual function as it features a waterfall spout and a handheld shower. This makes the faucet convenient.
  • The rainfall handheld shower works with high pressure, thus giving you a natural SPA rain in your bath. The waterfall spout makes the tub-filling job easy and quick.
  • The faucet has a hot and cold waterline ⅜ connection, which is the standard. However, if you need a different size, you can get a customized one.
  • The purchase of this faucet comes with every needed mounting fitting; thus, you will not be required to make additional purchases of parts.
  • The LED colors of the faucet changes depending on the water temperatures, and this is a helpful tool as it sends warning lights when the water is extremely hot, thus, preventing scalding.

Final thoughts on freestanding bathtub faucet with brushed nickel

With this collection of the thirteen best freestanding bathtub faucet with brushed nickel, you can now make the right choice depending on your needs and preferences. Maybe a few valuable points would be the length of the hose that you need, your budget, and your desired accessories. We guarantee that getting yourself and your family one of these faucets will change your whole bath experiences.

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