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For a long time, there has been a debate on which is better between ceiling fans and chandeliers. Interior designers don’t seem to agree on it, and in some homes, couples will have different preferences leading to a perpetual discussion. While we wouldn’t say that there is one that is better than the other, we can all agree that both have their unique and useful functions.

What makes even the debate kind of sorted is the recent invention of unique ceiling fans with chandeliers. Imagine having a single unit that accrues you of the benefits of both worlds! The experience is one for the books. In the hot summer, these units can bring us the cool that we all crave for. In the evening, they are useful in lighting our spaces and also, they are beautiful ornamental pieces.

Looking at the functional importance of each piece separately will shine some light on why you need both functions in your house.

The benefits of a fan

1.  Air conditioning

Fans help in circulating air in the room, which plays an essential role in air conditioning. The wind chill effects that fans produce make both homes and office spaces very cozy.

We need to point out that fans do not cool the air. Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but what the fans do is facilitate air circulation. They allow a seamless flow of air within a room. This, in return, causes sweat on the human skin to evaporate quickly, thus making our bodies cool down.

Contrary to what most anti-fans believe, they are not useless during winter. Turning your thermostat and running your fan clockwise helps in warming up your room. And of course, fans will consume way less electricity compared to air conditioners, thus saving you up some cost.

2. Bug Deterrent

Installing high-quality fans at specific places of your home helps in discouraging pests. This is a win, especially during spring and summer, where most households struggle to fight insects. Some like mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and moths are stubborn, and this necessitates an elimination strategy. Worse still, some of these insects could cause some diseases.

While some people may opt for chemicals to eliminate these insects, fans are the best. Reason? Using a fan is a mechanical way to eliminate insects, no smell; thus, allergic household members won’t be affected by this one. How this work is, the fan generates a current of air that acts as a disturbance for the insects. This disturbance makes the process of insects getting food and mating almost impossible, and in that way, they end up dying.

An essential tip for this role would be, get the right fan, and install it in the right places. Getting a mighty fan that can create strong waves of disturbance would, therefore, be a plus. In terms of placing the fans strategically, having the fans at the entrance or at a place where the insects get into your house would also be very useful in fighting them.

Benefits of a Chandelier

1. Aesthetics

Ever walked into your friend’s house, and for a moment thought you missed the door and got into a palace? I have! The kind of beauty that chandeliers bring into a room is unmatched. The look is so appealing that you will notice most of your guests love to hang out around it.

A personification moment for chandeliers would be something like beauty with brains, because in terms of functionality again, they work. They bring a type of illumination that nothing else can.

2. Saves energy

Every time there is a deal that allows me to save a few bucks, I take it with no hesitation. Who doesn’t like saving up a few dollars anyway? With chandeliers in your home, you will save up the cost of energy, and have an enhanced experience, especially if you install the LED bulb-enhanced chandeliers.

Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are 90% more energy efficient. Also, LED lights are more durable compared to incandescent ones, in that they don’t burn out quickly. However, if the diodes reduce their lights by at least 30%, you may be required to replace them.

3. Space-saving

Usually, to have your room well lit, you may require to have a few lights on the walls and maybe a lampstand on the floor. You will, therefore, have to do a lot of drilling and some additional floor space. With a chandelier, however, you can save up some space as just one of it is enough to light up your entire room.

Having it from the ceiling saves both floor and wall space. Also, how good is it to have enough light without having to drill your walls? With the ordinary lights, you will be required to fill in the drilled holes on the wall in a case where you are remodeling your house. With a chandelier, however, it doesn’t need you to drill holes on your wall.

Benefits of fans with chandelier

The individual benefits of each unit are experienced when you have both of these functionalities combined into a single unit. But more to it, here are some of the benefits you will accrue by buying a fan with a chandelier.

1. Diversified styles

The ceiling fan light market in recent days has paid so much attention to the decoration needs of modern homes. As a result, they have diversified their designs and have come out with unimaginable pieces of beauty. The market is full of masterpieces in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

2. Convenient

Most fans with chandeliers in the modern market are remotely controlled. They conserve a lot of energy, and they reduce emissions. At their optimum, they automatically go to their sleep mode. Also, to point out, they are quiet compared to the traditional fan systems.

     A Review on the Ten Unique Fans with Chandeliers

1. Huston fan indoor chandelier fan

  • This unit comes in sizes of 42inch and has a voltage of 110.
  • The speeds are three, high, medium, and low.
  • It is simply crafted and designed in a way that can match any style, varying from simple to complex. Whether you want to use it in your study room, living room, bedroom, your restaurant, this design allows you to have that kind of flexibility.
  • It is remote controlled. You can use the remote to control the light of the chandelier and adjust the speed of the fan. It has three gears to change, and it has a 1/2/4/8 hour timer design. You do not have to worry about falling asleep with the fan and light on.
  • It is made of Jade crystal balls that enhance not only the brightness of the unit but also the aesthetics, making the piece breathtakingly beautiful. Overall, it helps improve the general look of the space where you install it.
  • It has an air conditioning power of 25%. Also, the blades of the fan are made with some high-quality acrylic material that can’t be broken easily. In its natural state, this unit can be used for up to five years without breaking.
  • Together with the generic installation manual, this piece also comes with an installation video that is clear and straightforward.
  • It comes with a quality guarantee and two years of limited warranty that covers defects on either material or workmanship.
  • It is suitable for office spaces, foyers, kitchen, restaurants, bedrooms, dining spaces, guest room villas, living rooms, and lobbies.

2. Orillon Modern Crystal Chandelier ceiling fan

  • This unit has polished finished and is made of crystal with a protruding plug.
  • The length of the blades is 20 inches while closed and has a diameter of 42 while extended. A superstructure of this unit is the invisible fan function. It has four blades that automatically go inside once the unit is turned off.
  • Overall, it has a sleek and modern look.
  • It has six different speed adjustments. The unit is remote controlled and has a timer setting of 1/2/4 hours.
  • It has three different colors of light, white, yellow, and neutral, and the user can switch them up according to preference.
  • It is useful not only in summer but also in winter, thanks to its reverse functionality. During summer, adjusting the blades forward accelerates the circulation speed of the air in spaces, thus creating wind. Reversing the blades helps in pressing down the hot air that rises in the room, thus increasing temperatures during winter.
  • This unit is suitable for bedrooms, dining spaces, living areas, and offices.

3. NOXARTE Crystal Ceiling Fan With Light

  • It is crystal made, with a voltage of 110 and a wattage of 60.
  • The fan is invisible, and the unit is an excellent decoration piece.
  • Useful throughout the four different seasons.
  • It is durable for a long season.
  • The unit uses remote control. The fan and the LED light fan can be controlled individually to change either the color of light or the speed of the fan.
  • Quiet motor for the fan. While functioning, the fan generates no noise, and therefore this unit has no distractions. The fan has three different switches to adjust the fan rotation.
  • The acrylic blades are retractable, and this helps in promoting natural ventilation. When extended, the blades are 36 inches long and 16 inches long while closed. When the unit is put on and off, the blades are automatically put inside.

4. Moooni Dimmable Chandelier Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fans

  • This unit has a polished chrome finishing, and it is made of metal.
  • It has a voltage of 120 and a wattage of 36.
  • The blades are retractable and transparent, and the lamp body is made up of high-quality metal. This makes the unit very beautiful.
  • The unit has a 42-inch diameter when extended, and it reduces to 20 inches while closed. The blades also stretch outside, and they are automatically put inside when the unit is turned on and off.
  • The unit is remote-controlled, and this makes it possible to have varying fan speeds and light color changes. The ability to adjust this chandelier into dimmable light is like a superpower in this unit. The timing can also be controlled using a remote.
  • This unit is the best for rooms and spaces that vary from 15-25m. Such areas may include bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining spaces, and others.

5. BANBAN Fandelier

  • This unit has a brush finish type and is made up of metal and acrylics.
  • It has a wattage of 40 and a voltage of 110.
  • It has blades that are retractable that shrink to 20″ when closed and stretches to a diameter of 42″ when open.
  • For most people, noisy motors are a turn off when it comes to the fan. However, this unit has a quiet motor; it is tested to ascertain that it will never wobble, click, or rattle.
  • With the light, you can opt for either white, warm, or yellow, all these settings are found on the remote control.
  • The fan speed can be changed into high, medium, or low speed depending on your house requirements.
  • It has a beautiful modern style, which makes it serve as a decorative item also. It is suitable for family rooms, dining areas, living rooms, and bedrooms.

6. TiptonLight Modern Ceiling Fans With Light

  • The unit is remote- controlled, thus making it easy to operate. The light can be adjusted into three different colors of soft lights. The available options are warm, white, and neutral.
  • The fan is noiseless and adjustable into different modes. The fan has a timer also, which allows you to preset for a run time of either one, two, four, or eight hours.
  • Saves energy; the light has a LED bulb of 36watts that is energy saving.
  • The stainless steel on the unit makes it pretty attractive and qualifies it for a modern, decorative piece that also brings a luxurious touch to a room. Stainless steel doesn’t collect dust easily, and this makes it easy to clean.
  • The fan’s diameter is 44 inches and has a height of 15.3 inches.
  • Installing this unit is secure, and also, it comes with installation videos that break down the whole process further, in case you miss something from the manual.
  • It has a one-year quality warranty and also free replacement where necessary.
  • It is appropriate for cafes, restaurants, conference halls, bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces.

7. Fandian 36″

  • It has a grade Ip electronic plating. 
  • The materials used in this unit include Aluminium housing, Acrylic for the blades, and high transparent PVC plastic for the lampshade.
  • It has a 110 voltage and 36 watts.
  • How excellent is an entertaining addition to a fan and chandelier? This unit has it all in one place. It has a music player connectable using Bluetooth.
  • It is remote controlled. In the light section, you can get three different qualities. At 3000k, the light is warm white, at 4500k, the light is natural white, and at 6500k, the light is cool white.
  • With the fan function, the speed can be low, high, or medium, depending on your needs, and also, you can put a timer running for either one, two, four, or eight hours.
  • The built-in Bluetooth speaker supplies 3D sound. Also, you can opt to control all the functionalities from music to atmosphere to lighting using a smartphone app that is available for that.
  • Requires only necessary assembly skills, but if you have none, you can seek the services of a professional to help you install it.

8. MINGSHOP 42 inch Crystal Ceiling Fan Light

  • It has a voltage of 110 and 40 watts. 
  • The blades are made of top quality K9 crystal and telescopic Acrylic that is transparent. The body of the lamp is made of high-quality metal. The material and the overall finish of this unit makes it easy to match with other home decoration pieces.
  • It has four retractable blades. When extended, these blades have a diameter of 42 inches, and when closed, they are 19 inches. The blades are either inserted or extended automatically when the unit is either closed or open.
  • The unit is beautiful and helps in saving room space.
  • The 40watts LED panel allows the light to be adjusted from 3500k, which is warm white, to 4500k, which is daylight and 6000k, which is cold white.
  • Smart functions can be remote controlled. The fan speed can vary from low, medium to high, while the light colors can be changed to either white, warm yellow, or warm white. With the fan timing, it can be set at either one, two, four, or eight hours.
  • This unit is highly appropriate for spaces of between 10-25 square meters. This suits spaces such as hallways, corridors, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living areas.

9. RainierLight Modern 52 Inch Crystal Ceiling Fan

  • It has a voltage of 110 and 60 watts. 
  • It has five well made wooden blades, and the light is made of crystal. Besides helping in air conditioning and lighting, this piece can be used for decoration.
  • Configuring it to produce different colors with the lighting system helps in creating a beautiful ambiance in your room.
  • The fan is quiet and, therefore, does not distract your sleeping even if the unit is installed in your bedroom.
  • The fan can be set into three different speeds of either high, low, or medium. This helps you attain maximum comfort level depending on your needs.
  • The system is remote controlled, thus making the operation of the whole unit convenient. The different settings are useful in setting the ideal according to your needs. This will also help you protect both yourself and your family from any air conditioning-related diseases.
  • It has natural light, which is essential in eye protection and therefore enhances all your lighting needs. The unit has been made from a high combination of the fuselage, taking precautions at every step to prevent the unit from dazzling.
  • The unit is appropriate for both large and medium-sized rooms, for example, offices, common areas, bedrooms, living areas, etc.
  • The unit is not only easy to use but also to install. This item comes with a 100% quality guarantee and a year of warranty.

10. LuxureFan 52

  • This unit is made of high-quality material. The lamp has a lampshade that is made of a unique metal that is arched into a round shape. On the outside, bright crystals are placed to bring out a  decorative effect. 
  • The fan has five wooden blades, and this helps in enhancing air circulation. It also comes with two down rods.
  • The unit is simple but brings in a touch of elegance and class in your spaces.
  • It has three-speed settings which you can adjust according to your needs.
  • The motor is silent and allows good circulation without distracting.
  • The unit can be used throughout the year due to its reversible functions. You can have it in an updraft mode in summer and later change it to downdraft mode during winter.
  • The manufacturers provide you with an installation video that acts as an essential complement to the manual. Installation and usage of this unit are easy and straightforward.
  • The unit is remotely controlled for all its functions, thus making its operations not only easy but also convenient for you as an end-user.

Final Thoughts

Finally, with all these options available to you, you could get indifferent on which of these unique ceiling fans with chandeliers to choose. Some of the basic guidelines to settle at purchase would be;

  • Consider the energy usage, go for one that will save your energy and allow extra running costs.
  • Warranty, check the terms of the warranty and its length too.
  • The level of noise, some fan motors can be noisy, which can be annoying. A viable option would be one with the least sound.
  • Consider the size of the room that you intend to have the unit installed. For larger rooms, you may require larger units and vice versa for sufficient lighting and air conditioning.
  • Last but not least, consider the price and go for one that won’t melt your bank account.


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