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Traditionally, people have used kettles to boil water. However, we are in the 21st century already, and we all want convenience. The two minutes we wait for a kettle to boil water may add up to be an eighth or even a quarter of our entire life in the end. Nobody wants that, especially where there is an alternative. We want to save time and costs much as possible. That is why hot water dispensers come in handy.

Still not persuaded why you should get a hot water dispenser instead of retaining your old kettle? Let’s see some of the benefits of a hot water dispenser over a kettle.

  • Office owners, this is the best option to reduce wasted time costs. Imagine each one of your employees taking time out of their lunch break time to boil water every time they needed it? That is a lot of time variance for sure!
  • They are instant, and therefore they save you a lot of time.
  • If you have an older adult or children living in your house, hot water dispensers are the best as they are convenient for them. They do not have to lift them to pour the hot water, at the press of a button, they have their water in their cups. This significantly reduces instances of accidents.
  • They save a lot of energy. Imagine if each one of your family members needed a cup of hot water at different times during the day. A kettle won’t allow them to boil the amount of water that they require since most of them have a minimum of 250ml. On the other hand, a hot water dispenser allows you to get just the amount that you need, thus saving a lot of energy.
  • Some hot water dispensers are very versatile. They allow you to make temperature adjustments according to your needs.

With all these benefits, let’s see some examples of household tasks that make a hot water dispenser come in handy.

  • Ever had dishes stuck with leftover food, and you needed to clean them up? How long did you have to wait further to boil water? Next time you are faced with such a situation, you will only press a button and get your hot water.
  • Imagine how much energy you consume every time you want to heat baby bottles. This energy would be saved by far if you got an instant hot water dispenser for your home.
  • Remember those days you get home tired after work or after a long day, and you just need to fix rice or pasta quickly, but then you have to wait a few minutes to boil water? I’m sure you are already cringing at the thought, but you don’t have to wait any other day because getting a hot water dispenser will save you the hustle.
  • No one loves stained clothes or table linens. However, sometimes these stains are unavoidable. They are the best gate-crashers ever! Though uninvited, they will always find a way into your house. Removing them will always require you some hot water, and thanks to the hot water dispensers, you don’t have to add more time to your preset washing time because you can get the hot water instantly.

Types of Hot Water Dispensers

  1. Bottom or top loading dispensers, usually, it has a jug placed on the product to give you water. Refiling is easy, and in most cases, it doesn’t require professional installation.
  2. Point dispensers; they are also known as bottles of use dispensers. They provide water using a water line or a tap that is fixed on a wall. Installing this type of dispenser is a bit complex; you will require the services of a plumber.
  3. Portable dispensers can be easily placed on countertops. Though they are usually small in size, they can hold your daily water requirement.

Are you ready to get your first hot water dispenser or replace your old one already? Let’s check some of the ten best hot water dispensers in the market.

1. InSinkErator H-Wave-C

  • This device does not only save you a lot of time that you would have lost if you were using an electric kettle but also, it adds elegance and class to your kitchen.
  • It gives you nearly boiling water that can be used for multiple household chores such as heating baby bottles, cleaning dirty dishes, removing stains from clothes, removing candle wax from their holders, etc.
  • The heating mechanism is exciting and straightforward. Water flows from the supplying tank into the device. Therein, it is heated up to 200 degrees. As you drain the water from the device, it becomes replaced instantly. This gives the device an ability to provide an approximate of sixty cups hourly.
  • The device can fit a hole of about 1.5-inch on either your countertop or your sink and can make use of a grounded power source underneath.
  • The device can be installed easily, with no need for some special skills. For safety precautions, the device comes with dry start protection.
  • This unit saves not only energy but also water, thanks to its instant heating ability. This makes its overall cost of running low.
  • It is most suitable for home use.

Key Features

  • Large capacity of about 2-3 gallons
  • It has a stainless steel reservoir, thus making it easy to maintain and clean.
  • Durable due to its all-metal makeup.
  • Ability to produce about 60 cups of hot water per hour
  • Three years warranty.
  • Easy to install
  • Saves both water and energy

2. Breville Hot Cup VKJ318

  • This hot water dispenser is very easy to use and accommodating.
  • It can give two liters of boiling water within a minute.
  • It has a varying cup size adjustment that allows you to choose from nine cups depending on your hot water needs. Whether you need a small or a large cup of water, you can halt the pouring using a manual stop button.
  • This unit comes with blue illumination that lights up during the boiling. This does not only act as a safety precaution but also, it is a nice aesthetic that adds a touch of class to the dispenser.
  • Filling up this dispenser is easy and straightforward. The water tank is large, and the lid is easy to open. The unit also has the flexibility of either filling it up to fit your one cup needs or filling it up to the maximum to supply your whole family with hot water.
  • The drip tray is not only removable but also, it is dishwasher safe. This makes the cleaning way easy. The ability to remove the drip tray allows you to fill a taller cup without strain.
  • The unit has limescale that is replaceable, and therefore, this makes your dispenser more durable.
  • The water tank is see-through and stylish. This makes the unit classy, and also, it makes it easy for you to know when to fill up the tank. The overall capacity of the tank is two liters.
  • The unit is 3000 watts and has no variable temperatures.

Key Features.

  • Compact size
  • 2l tank capacity
  • A see-through water tank
  • Blue illumination for both safety and beauty
  • Modern design
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable cup option

3. Ready Hot RH-100-F560-CH Hot Water Dispenser System

  • This dispenser can give you forty plus cups of hot water per hour.
  • It has the provision to adjust the temperatures between 140 to 190 degrees, therefore, allowing you to get near-boiling water depending on your needs.
  • The ready hot water dispenser comes with both hot and cold water faucets. This removes the worry, especially so if your kitchen sink only supports a single faucet. The faucets are brushed with either chrome or a nickel finish. Their tone is simple, thus making them appealing and can be matched with almost any kitchen finish. The faucets are very durable and won’t corrode or rust with time.
  • This hot water dispenser is designed in a way that enhances the overall protection of the unit. There are times when accidents are unavoidable. The water heater has a self-resetting thermal fuse that allows the device to automatically close in case someone starts up the dispenser when dry or if, for some reason, the tank dries up while heating.
  • The tank has a capacity of 2.4 liters and thus can hold enough water for all your hot water needs.
  • The dispenser runs at 780 watts, and this allows the unit to provide hot water on demand.
  • It uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb, and in the package also comes a pre-installed power cable.
  • Due to its ability to give instant hot water, it is ideal for homes, restaurants, cafes, and anywhere else where hot water may be required. You may especially need it when preparing noodles, oatmeal, hot tea or coffee soup, etc.

Key Features

  • A tank with a 2.4litres capacity
  • Adjustable temperatures of between 140-190 degrees
  • Energy-saving runs at 780 watts
  • Automated shut off while the tank is empty
  • It can give you up to 60 cups of hot water in an hour.
  • Has both hot and cold water faucets

4. Waste King H711-U-SN

  • The unit comes with a 1300W hot water reservoir plus a Coronado collection faucet. The unit has a combo system that has both a hot water tank and a satin finish faucet.
  • The unit has the superpower of temperature adjustment within a split second. From it, you can get near-boiling water if you need it. It gives you the convenience of having hot water in your house anytime you need it. Making instant drinks such as coffee, chocolate, tea, instant soup, and others becomes easy with this unit in your home.
  • Heat recovery in this hot water dispenser is speedy, thanks to its 1300W heating element.
  • It has a 5/8 gallon tank, and this gives it the capacity to produce about 100 cups of hot water in an hour.
  • This device will cost you less than $2 each month in energy costs. It uses less energy than a 40W bulb.
  • The reservoir is insulated and is made up of stainless steel. The reservoir is not under any pressure and has a self-contained expansion chamber that aids a lot in dripping elimination.
  • This device is easy to install and has improved new connections, thus eliminating any probability of twisted or kinked water lines.
  • This unit is pocket friendly at both acquisition, running, and maintenance stages.

Key Features

  • Energy-efficient costs less than $2 every month
  • Can provide up to 100 cups of hot water in an hour
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable temperatures, thus enabling you to get near-boiling water if need be.
  • Open vent satin faucet

5. Morphy Richards 131004 Hot water Dispenser

  • This hot water dispenser is not only fly for its ability to adjust to your needs but also, its high capacity and outstanding design.
  • This device has a tank capacity of three liters, which makes it able to pour up to 12 standard cups of hot water without needing a refill.
  • It offers both automatic and manual pouring. For filling a cup that is up to 600ml, the dispenser can automatically fill it. However, with larger containers, you can fill them by pressing a button.
  • The dispenser only boils the water you need, and this feature makes it excellent at energy saving.
  • It has a Brita filter, which makes the water taste good. The filter also keeps the inside of the unit protected from buildups and limescale.
  • Allows for boiling to your desired temperatures. You don’t have to burn your coffee grounds with extremely boiling water neither do you have to damage your herbs and green tea. You can get water at a temperature that is just right for your use.

Key Features

  •  Variable temperature control
  • A large tank with a 3l capacity
  • Runs at 3000W
  • Automatic fills of up to 600ml
  • Filters that prevent buildups
  • Digital display

6. Premier 141030 Instant Hot Water Dispenser

  • This hot water dispenser has a quick heat up time. It runs at 780Watts, thus making it possible for it to deliver up to 60 cups of heated water in an hour.
  • The unit is made of durable metal and is coated. Therefore the risk of rust and degradation is wholly eliminated in this unit. Its faucets have a chrome finishing, which increases their expected lifetime. The chrome finishing is also an aesthetic, as it gives the 141030 a classy and stylish look.
  • This unit allows for temperature adjustment of up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Whichever temperature you input in the device, the inbuilt thermostat will hold that temperature steady. At any time you like, you can get instant hot water from this device at whatever temperature you like.
  • The unit is elementary to install, and it does not require a unique skill set. It comes with a detailed manual that ensures that your installation process is seamless.

Key Features

  • Adjustable temperatures.
  • Easy installation
  • Durable coated metal that prevents rusting and degradation
  • Runs at 7800 Watts

7. Cooks Professional Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser

  • Is a kettle being on a minute by minute thing in your kitchen? Then this hot water dispenser would be a great addition to your home.
  • This unit offers three different refilling options, which makes it outstanding. You can either flip open the lid or use a jug to refill, which is the common option with most dispensers. The third option is, you remove the tank and carry it to the tap to refill. For safety purposes with the last option, you would be required to make use of the carry handles.
  • The drip tray serves in holding any water drips, and it is removable, which makes it easy to empty and clean. Both the water holder and the drip tray can be hand-washed, thus making it incredibly easy to keep the unit clean.
  • Switching the unit off stops the water from running immediately. This alleviates the risk of overflowing or dripping. The unit, however, lacks a way to preset what amount of water you want to pour, meaning, you have to keep an eye on the dispenser lest an overflow happens.

Key Features

  •  Has no variable temperature
  • It runs at 26000w
  • It is energy saving
  • It has a removable water tank and drip tray making it easy to clean and maintain
  • The drip tray is very stable.

8. Anaheim AH-1300 Quick and Hot Instant Hot Water Dispenser

  • This unit runs at 1300W, thus empowering the instant and efficient operation.
  • Its tank has a 2.4-liter capacity, thus making it faster in providing large amounts of water without requiring a lot of refilling times.
  • The tank is made up of coated metal, and this makes it durable for a more extended period. The coating makes this unit to be rust-resistant.
  • The unit has a thermostat that serves both in keeping your water at the desired temperatures, and also, it prevents the unit from overheating. This is an essential security feature in a hot water dispenser.
  • It is energy-saving, and when it is not being used, it automatically shuts off.
  • This product gives you the liberty to choose how hot you want your water. The heating range is from 140 degrees to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This unit comes with a durable and efficient two-year warranty during purchase to ensure you of quality.

Key Features

  • Adjustable temperature of between 140 degrees to 190 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Energy efficient
  • Coated metal thus preventing it from rust and corrosion
  • A thermostat to keep the water heated at your desired temperatures and prevents overheating.

9. Breville Hot Cup VKJ142 Hot-Water Dispenser

  • This unit avails hot water within 30 seconds, therefore making it a necessary addition to every kitchen where hot water is required. It is made of stainless steel, thus making it easy to clean and attractive. The sleek design also adds to its aesthetics.
  • This product boils up to four times faster compared to the standard kettle. This makes it a beast at energy saving.
  • It comes with a blue LED light, thus making you aware of when it is in use. It is straightforward and safe to operate this product.
  • It comes with a drip tray, thus ensuring that your kitchen stays clean for longer and that you don’t have to keep wiping after each use.

Key Features

  • Blue LED light that makes it easy to know when the piece is in operation
  • It is energy saving
  • Has a capacity of 1.5 liters
  • Runs at 3000W
  • Fast at pouring and refilling
  • Has a lightweight reservoir
  • Has a water level indicator

10. The Waste King H711-U-CH Hot Water Dispenser

  • This unit has a full metal tank that makes it durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • This product has an open vented system that helps to prevent your dispenser from ever leaking. Though this open vented system may cause water dripping from time to time, the leaking goes directly to your sink.
  • The faucets are chrome made, which makes them durable and very resistant to wear. The finishing is satin nickel, which makes it eye-catching and adds significantly to its aesthetics.
  • The modern gooseneck design makes it possible to collect hot water using either large or small collecting jars. It is four inches high and has a swivel, thus making it suitable for the jar size flexibility.
  • The unit is made in a way that enhances users’ safety; its operation does not release harmful substances such as lead into your water.

Key Features

  • It is lead-free compliant
  • It is rust and corrosion-proof
  • It has an eye-catching satin nickel finish
  • An open vented system that prevents the unit from damage
  • Swivel faucets that make the usage better and practical
  • It has an adjustable temperature setting.

Buying the best hot water dispenser guidelines

As we have already seen, there are so many hot water dispensers available in the market, and getting the best will require you to have some tips on what works best when it comes to hot water dispensers. Here are a few points to consider.

  • Side water gauge- this feature is essential as it helps you see the amount of water that is remaining in the water tank. You can know when to refill your reservoir; thus, it is a necessary safety prerequisite.
  • Filters, though they make it harder to refill the tank, filters are necessary for preventing buildups and, ultimately, the system clogging. This, in the long run, helps in maintaining the state of your hot water dispenser.
  • Audible low water indicator. Though some brands do not avail this feature, it is as crucial as the side water gauge. It helps you know when to refill the water tank even when your eyes are off the dispenser.
  • Space under the water outlet. You don’t want to face the frustration of being unable to fill your tall mugs with hot water from your dispenser. Therefore, be keen on the space under the outlet and ensure your tallest mugs can fit under there to avoid this frustration.
  • Rubber feet, regardless of the material of the surface where you want to place your best hot water dispenser, you will find rubber feet helpful in maintaining stability. This is a vital safety measure.
  • On and off indicator, proper labeling for when the device is on or when its off is necessary as it helps you know when your device is ready to be used.
  • A removable water tank is an essential feature in the best hot water dispenser. It makes the whole refilling work more manageable, and also cleaning and maintaining the product becomes accessible.
  • A removable drip tray is also necessary as it prevents water from overflowing other surfaces.
  • A thermostat is constructive as it prevents the device from overheating. It also enables you to make proper temperature adjustments.
  • A manual stop button helps you cut off water flow at any time during the process.

The above features can help you in making better decisions on which dispenser to settle on. In addition to them are a few questions that could help you break down the process of buying further.

  1. Where are you planning to use the hot water dispenser? Is it at home or in a restaurant or your office?
  2. What are your daily hot water requirements? If you intend to use the best hot water dispenser alongside so many other people, you will practically need a bigger one. On the other hand, if you are the sole user of the dispenser, opting for a smaller one will be an ideal choice.
  3. What are your general water requirements? Some brands just provide for hot water dispensers, while others come with a cold and hot water option. Depending on your need, you could opt for either.
  4. Do you have enough space to store your intended purchase? If you have less space, looking for a device that can be mounted on the wall or one that can rest on a countertop would be a win.
  5. What are your design preferences? Different hot water dispensers have different finishes. Make sure you opt for one that is both attractive to the eye and also lasts long.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple benefits that you can leap from having the best hot water dispenser either in your kitchen, office, restaurant, or cafe.  You will save not only energy but also time, which is an essential commodity.

Also, it helps in giving your space a classy and an expensive look and feel. They are easy for everyone to operate. Even your young ones can fetch hot water for themselves on their own.

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