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Purchasing light fixtures for a sloped ceiling can be different from purchasing for other types of ceiling. Light fixtures manufacturers have put this in mind. As a result, they have come up with various inventions and innovations geared towards providing the right fixture solutions for people with sloped ceilings. One of those innovations is the sputnik chandelier, which we are going to focus on today. Let’s jump right into the best sputnik chandelier for a sloped ceiling in the market.

1. Modern Black Sputnik Chandelier 6 Lights Ceiling Light Fixture Pendant by KOSTOMO

  • Besides chandeliers being light fixtures, most of them are designed with elegance and sophistication that adds to the beauty of your space and act as a statement piece for your room. With the KOSTOMO modern sputnik, it has a quasi-minimalist design, which adds to its stylish look and complements the rest of your room, creating a perfect atmosphere in whichever space you install it in. It is ideal for your living room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, toilet, office, bars, cafe, bathroom, corridors, etc.
  • The KOSTOMO modern sputnik chandelier offers you the flexibility to hang it depending on the decoration style of your home. It is available for both flat and sloped ceilings. It has one pivot joint for installing in a sloped ceiling. This lamp has two different shapes, which allow you to fix it as either hanging wire or hanging bars. When suspending the lights, you can opt to either use cord wire or an extension rod to hang the chandelier in a way that will match your decorating style.
  • Rotatable 270-degree adjustable lamp arm. You can adjust the arms of the lamp into different directions at any time, to bring in a new look into your space. Adjusting is as easy as turning the clamps. Changing the light bulbs, you are using on this chandelier can help you get a different vibe from the lamp.
  • This light fixture is designed to last you for years and years to come. It is durable and made of sturdy material. The fixture is lightweight, which makes the whole installation process easier.
  • This light fixture is designed to use the standard bulbs, E26 base. It is also compatible with LED Edison, CFL, halogen, Suggest G25/G30 globe style bulbs. Also, when using dimmable bulbs, this chandelier is dimmable, which makes it perfect for ambiance setting. If you are the type of person that loves throwing cocktail parties at your house once in a while, or at times set up a romantic dinner to enjoy with your significant other at home, this light fixture will come in handy to help you set the mood. However, you will need to purchase dimmable bulbs and a compatible dimmer switch as they are not part of the purchase package.
  • The installation process is easy as the arms come all set. Whether you choose the hanger style or the cable style, you will have a step by step guide with drawings in the user’s manual included in the purchase. The hanging height is adjustable according to your preference. Also, it comes with two pieces of extension rod 10-inch each to help you in customizing the hanging height. The customer service for KOSMOTO is excellent and always ready to help you in case of any questions.
  • This light has your safety taken care of using high-quality hardware to prevent any breakages that may cause accidents. Also, it is UL certified, meaning it meets all the required standards.
  • In terms of dimensions, this lamp has three arms with the same length of 31.5 inches. The height of the fixture is 16.54 inches, the cord wire measures 39.37 inches, and the canopy diameter is 4.72 inches.

Customers’ feedback

We picked two reviews by amazon’s online purchasers that we thought would help you in your decision making. Here is what the satisfied customers had to say.

Great affordable product Customer 1 “We ordered 2 of these lights for our large dining table. They are perfect. Great mat color. They are not overly fancy, but they are not overly expensive either.”

Customer 2 “Easy install and beautiful.High-quality product with an excellent finish. This certainly does the job. The product listing recommends the use of the round bulbs. I was hesitant and was going to use the more traditional Edison Tube Bulb. Wow, what a difference. Go with the round bulbs. We hung just with the wire. This is on a sloped 12-foot ceiling, and the product comes fully assembled. You just decide what angle you want the cross-sections to be and tighten a screw.”

2. Vintage Metal Large Dimmable Sputnik Chandelier with 18 Lights, Black Painted by Mirrea

  • Let’s talk about eighteen bulbs surrounding a black painted finish metal ball at the center, that brings out this rich vintage vibe to your interior, allowing you to have a trendy look for your spaces. It feels and looks like a dream. The beauty of this fixture is breathtaking. It is a perfect addition to your living room, dining room, cafe, or bar.
  • This fixture has an industrial sputnik arm with a lamp socket and bare shade. This helps it reveal and maximize the vintage while using Edison bulb lights.
  • This fixture comes with an adaptor in the purchase package, which helps you install it in a sloping ceiling. The fixture has a diameter of 37.40 inches. The hanging length is adjustable to suit your preferences. The package comes with three pieces of 11.81-inch hanging bars and one-piece of a hanging bar that measures 5.91 inches.
  • Easy to assemble, unlike other sputnik lights sold in the market that may require wiring job done on them, this one has all the wiring done in-house. All you have to do is pushing the wire into the central ball and then screwing it on to the branch, each one at a time. All the installation work can be completed within thirty minutes.
  • This vintage lamp is safe and reliable. Both the lamp sockets and the wires used on this vintage chandelier are UL listed.
  • While using this lamp, use 60W Edison bulbs per socket. The bulbs are not included in the purchase package. With the even 60w vintage Edison bulb being in use per device, you will end up using only 50% of the current capacity of the UL listed electric wire. You can also use 40W vintage Edison bulbs because, with the eighteen bulbs 40w each, the light will be bright enough.
  • If you are using filament bulbs on this chandelier, it works well with a dimmer switch, thus allowing you to set different moods in your spaces. It is essential to check the power rating of the dimmer switch before you use it together with this chandelier.
  • This chandelier has a one-year money-back guarantee, free standard shipping and replacement for a defective product within one year are some good warranty right there!
  • The chandelier comes with one adaptor for a sloped ceiling. The input voltage on this one is 120V, and the maximum wattage per socket should be 60watts. After installation, this light measures 37.40 inches in diameter and 21.65 inches in height.

Customer feedback

Online buyers are generally happy with this product. “Best fixture I’ve found!” “Fun chandelier to brighten your space.” “This Sputnik chandelier is a great value for its size, amount of arms, and ease of assembly. I originally liked a different brand that had different length arms, but I certainly was not going to pay the designer price for it. I shopped around and came back to Amazon for this model. To get closer to the look of the more expensive chandelier we chose to purchase two different dimmable LED bulbs and are happy with the look, it’s just fun! We also hooked this up to Alexa, along with our shade, so we have the light turn on to welcome us home in the evening and to enjoy seeing the chandelier from afar before we have the shade auto close for privacy.” These are just but a few samples on the product from customers who purchased it on amazon.

3. 8-Light Sputnik Chandelier Black Mid Century Modern Ceiling Light Industrial Pendant by VINLUZ

  • This fixture has set a standard with its beauty and aesthetics. It is a great addition to any space. The fixture’s hanging canopy has a durable swivel that allows you to mount a vaulted or a sloped ceiling.
  • This chandelier comes with four ten-inch hard stems that allow a variety of hanging heights with a clean, finished look.
  • This fixture can be used alongside medium-based E26 light bulbs, wit a maximum of 60 watts each. If you need to set the ambiance of your space for some special occasion or, just for the change of mood, you can use a compatible dimmer switch with this chandelier.
  • Installing this fixture is easy because its arms are pre-wired and pre-threaded for easy installation. All you have to do is gently thread the remaining wire and arms into the central ball and screw them. Then, thread the primary wire through the extension rods, and you are ready to install your fixture into the ceiling box.
  • This fixture is compatible with LED bulbs, incandescent, CFL and halogen bulbs.
  • This fixture mixes an industrial feeling that is modern, simple, classic, and traditional with high-level functionality. It offers you the right lighting for your bedroom, living room, dining room, foyers, etc.
  • For your safety and guarantee, VINLUZ lights are UL listed and are made of high-quality hardware.

Customer feedback

Like in the previous reviews, we picked out two reviews from amazon, that could help you make a decision.

“Very happy with this chandelier. Loved that they were almost totally assembled-arms just needed the last step of being screwed in, and it was effortless to install. I also like the look of only 8 lights- less busy than the ones with more and doesn’t overwhelm my smaller space and low-ish ceilings. My only note is that I bought amber Edison bulbs and I don’t like the color when not in use with the nickel finish (like in the picture in the listing), I’m switching to clear LED Edison- but this is a personal preference thing. Just thought I’d mention.”

4. 6 Lights Industrial Living Room Mid Century Pendant by Berliget

  • This unique indoor chandelier is metal designed and has beautiful aesthetics to it and is specially designed to add to the beauty of your space.
  • The light branches can be adjusted freely, and also the different shapes can be adjusted depending on your preferences.
  • This chandelier is built to last. It is made using high-quality brass and iron, making it durable and reliable.
  • This chandelier has E26 sockets compatible with various Edison bulbs such as CFL, LED bulbs, and halogen bulbs. It allows for a maximum power of 60 watts. The bulbs are not included in the purchase package.
  • You have the liberty to choose the color of light that you want to use. This fixture features soft lights that help you take care of your eyes.
  • The bar-shaped lamp sticks measure 20 inches each. For your guarantee, this chandelier has a thirty days money back and three-year free replacement warranty guarantee.
  • This chandelier is suitable for use in the bedroom, corridors, basement, bars, clubs, reading rooms, restaurants, living rooms, etc.

Customer Feedback

Here is a sample of what online buyers on Amazon are saying about this chandelier. “Has the perfect amount of lights for that star look. Not to mention the price. Quality is legit. And the mix of the two colors just right for our place.” another customer said, “Omg! I love this light fixture! It’s smooth, sleek, and perfect for my contemporary style. Everything I imagined. Such a great price too! Highly recommend it.”

Final Thoughts on Sputnik Chandelier for sloped Ceiling

Whether you are looking to give your space some vintage, modern, traditional, or contemporary style, you can get the right light fixture. The above sputnik chandelier for the sloped ceiling will deliver style, class, and functionality while taking care of your pocket.

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