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Lampshades are common accessories to light fixtures in modern homes. We would not, however, say that lampshades are a recent invention as persons have been using them across generations. Using a lampshade has multiple benefits. Here is a couple:

i. Lampshades are excellent at eye protection. Light from an uncovered bulb is too bright and irritating, and therefore, a lampshade comes in handy to take care of such problems.

ii. Lampshades can direct light in a needed direction. For example, if you need to direct a ray of light to artwork or to extra-illuminate your working space, a lampshade will help you do that.

iii. Lampshades and especially the modern ones are lovely and they can be used as decorative pieces. Having a gorgeous lampshade in your room can act as a statement piece for everyone that walks in.

iv. When using incandescent bulbs, lampshades come in handy in conducting the heat away from the light bulb. Usually, more than 90% of electric power is turned into heat, and therefore, it becomes necessary to take care of it.

v. Lampshades, at times, depending on the design and size, give a desirable color accent to the overall interior theme.

vi. The ability of lampshades to reflect or diffuse light makes it possible to change the ambiance of a room.

Multiple companies produce lampshades in different sizes, colors, designs, and functionality. This can make it hard to settle on the right lampshade for you. Today, we are going to look at the best hanging stained glass lampshades in the market and their features.

1. Tiffany Hanging Lamp 12 inch Stained Glass Pendant Lighting by Werfactory

  • This lampshade has crystal beads and a dragonfly style, which makes it attractive. It can be hanged in the bedroom, living room, or dining room.
  • The lampshade has a length of 12-inches, a width of 12-inches, and a height of 32-inches.
  • The preferred light bulbs to use alongside this lampshade are halogen bulbs, but they do not come as a package with the lampshade purchase. It supports only a single light.
  • The unit is made of stained glass on the lampshade part and, it has a zinc base. This enhances its overall aesthetic and gives it a beautiful finish.
  • This lampshade has a diameter of 12 inches, which makes it big enough to illuminate a room adequately. The chain length for hanging is 24 inches, and the electrical wire length is 40-inches.
  • The optimum bulb for use alongside this lampshade would be a 60-watt incandescent bulb, which usually doesn’t come with the lampshade.
  • Assembling this unit is easy and straightforward. This would make for a good gift for your colleagues at work, friends, family, partners, etc.
  • Purchasing this lampshade ensures that you are satisfied as it comes with a 90 days refund guarantee and twenty-four months warranty. The customer service for this lampshade is excellent, and you can check in with them at any time to ask questions and get any sort of help.

2.  Mini Pendant Lighting Tiffany Style by VINLUZ

  • This stained glass shade for hanging is stylish and definitely will act as a statement piece in your house.
  • Safety is everything; this lampshade is UL listed, meaning it meets all the required standards of safety. This lampshade supports a 60watts bulb maximum. It has an E26 bulb socket- it is compatible with any incandescent or LED bulb. When purchasing this unit, it does not come with the bulbs.
  • This lampshade is easy to install. It can be mounted on a vaulted or sloped ceiling, 6-inch wide.
  • This lampshade comes with 4 pieces of 10-inch rods that allow you to customize your desired hanging height and your desired look as well.
  • This lampshade is handmade, and it is a beautiful display of art. It has numerous pieces of cut and stained multi-colored glasses. The color of the stained glasses changes depending on whether the light is on or off.
  • This lampshade has a tiffany style, with beautiful and unique bronze finish rods and canopy. This adds to the overall beauty of the unit, thus, making it a necessary addition to your home.
  • Mounting this fixture on a vaulted or a sloped ceiling is easy as the fixture has a durable swivel on the hanging canopy to help you in that.
  • This lampshade is perfect for your dining room, bedroom, living room, and reading room.
  • The customer care for this lampshade is excellent. You can get replacement parts and any other professional need that you require.

3. Parrot Tifanny Crystal Chandeliers by LITFAD

  • This tiffany crystal chandelier has six heads and stained glass for hanging on the ceiling.
  • This unit can be used alongside LED, incandescent, or fluorescent bulbs. It has eight lights, thus making it efficient in illuminating your spaces. It has a voltage of 110 volts.
  • This lampshade is made of art glass, metal, and crystal, thus making it attractive to the eye. It emits romantic, beautiful colors making it fashionable and elegant. It has the antique tiffany lamp base, which adds to the overall beauty of the piece.
  • The fixture has a width of 30.31”, a height of 31.5” the chain length is 23.6”. The chain is adjustable to fit into your required size and design.
  • This fixture will help you save a substantial amount of electricity bills. Also, the lampshade is made of durable material; thus, you will not need to keep replacing it for any breakages or damage.
  • The bulb base for this unit is E26 and E27. Bulbs are not included in the purchase package.
  • The purchase comes with users’ manual and additional accessories that are aimed at making your installation easy and enhancing customers’ experience. It is advisable to consult a professional electrician for the installation of this fixture.
  • A few precautions for a safe and secure installation would be;
  • Ensuring that the electrical box which you intend to mount this fixture is well attached to a structural member of the building.
  • Avoid connecting electricity before the fixture is fully assembled.
  • Before replacing a bulb, always turn off and unplug the fixture to avoid any risk of fire, injury, shock, or personal injury.

4. One Light Mini Pendant Classic Hanging Light by ELUZE

  • This lampshade has 8 inches shade of industrial vintage; it has a tiffany style stained glass and resembles a dragonfly. It has a modern style that adds to the class and beauty of your spaces.
  • This lampshade uses LED lights, and it has just one light. It has a voltage of 120 volts.
  • The artwork on this lampshade is like magic, adding to its aesthetic significance. The color of stained glass is different between lights on and lights off. Also, the color of the lampshade changes unpredictably, depending on the temperature of the bulb. Bulbs are usually not included in this purchase.
  • This fixture is UL listed, meaning it meets all the safety requirements. It is compatible with incandescent or LED bulbs. The bulbs used on this fixture should have a maximum of 60 watts.
  • The fixture has a dimmable and adjustable feature that makes this unit super useful in ambiance creation. Full range dimming when used with a dimmable bulb and a dimmer switch are perfect for romantic dinners and changing the look and feel of your spaces.

5. Harvest Bronze Tiffany Plug-in Swag Pendant Chandelier by Robert Louis Tiffany.

  • From Robert Louis Tiffany- we get this amazing handmade harvest plug-in pendant. This fixture is made of two hundred and five individual pieces of hand-cut art glass, that is put together using the conventional tiffany copper foil technique.
  • The installation of this fixture is as easy as plugging it in any standard wall outlet and swag it from the ceiling using hooks and hardware that comes with the purchasing package.
  • This lampshade is twenty and a half inches wide, eleven and a quarter inches high. The canopy is five and a quarter inches wide, and the overall weight of the fixture is 9lbs. The package includes fifteen feet of wire and twelve feet of chain.
  • This lampshade uses three maximum 100 watts standard medium base bulbs. The bulbs are not included in the purchasing package.
  • The fixture is dual-mount and is convertible to a hard-wired installation. The fixture can be mounted on a sloped ceiling.

The recommended bulbs to use alongside this fixture are halogen, LED, incandescent or CFL light bulb. This fixture is dimmable if you insert compatible dimmers. Compatible dimmers are usually sold separately.

6. L10059 Baraque Tiffany Style Stained Glass by Bieye

  • Get a modern, stylish, and durable lampshade from Bieye, a well-known worldwide brand, that has provided high-tech home solutions across generations. This lampshade is handmade by skilled craftsmen in a baroque style and is not mass or machine produced. The many hand-cut glass pieces are brought together using the copper foil method.
  • This shade is made using durable materials and the color of the stained glass is timeless. You can trust this lampshade to last you for over a hundred years and pass it over to generations.
  • This lampshade is a great way to enhance your decor, thanks to the beauty of the stained glass. This makes the pendant light a perfect fit for your bedroom, living room, dining room, or seating area.
  • The chain can be shortened easily, its default length is 39 inches, but it has a removable ring on the chain that can be used to adjust the length of the chain.
  • The lampshade is 17” wide, offering excellent coverage for your lighting needs.

7. Vintage Tiffany Glass Pendant Ceiling Light by HMVPL

  • This tiffany style glass pendant would be a beautiful fixture addition to your spaces.
  • The pendant lamp has a width of 8.1” and a height of 6.2”. The hanging cord is 16.4ft, which is long enough for most standard houses. The space between the plug and the dimmer light is 3.2ft. It is easy to turn the light on and off when you plug the light into a wall outlet.
  • It is easy to cast any ambiance into your space by using the hand twisted on and off dimmer switch.
  • This light is easy to install; the user manual comes with all the required information for installation. Also, the light comes with all the needed installation hardware.
  • This lamp is compatible with various incandescent and halogen bulbs. The maximum wattage of the bulb should be 60, and the bulbs are not included as part of the purchase.
  • This lamp is UL listed; thus, you can rest assured it meets all the lighting safety standards.
  • This lamp is a beautiful retro and vintage farmhouse decor to your space. Adding an old-fashioned light bulb to the light will make it more valuable as it casts a warm and cozy ambiance.
  • This lampshade is perfect for your kitchen, stairway, bedroom, dining room, bar, and office.

8.  Tifanny Style Plug-in Pendant Light Mini Chandelier with 16.4 Ft Cord by Stepeak

  • This lampshade has a dimmable switch that helps you adjust the brightness of the light as you would prefer it.
  • Installation for the light is easy. It has a 16.4 ft plug in hanging cord for plugging in and has a clear user manual with pictures and all the hardware required for installation.
  • The piece is like an artwork hanging in your house. It has a curved glass design that adds to its beauty and can be used as a decorative piece for your home.
  • This hanging lamp is designed with an E26 socket that is compatible with both incandescent and halogen bulbs. The maximum wattage should be 60 watts.

Final Thoughts on Buying Hanging Stained Glass Lampshade

There are endless options when it comes to buying a hanging stained glass lampshade. Some of the fundamental factors to consider as you narrow down the options are:

  • The size- you should check both the size of the lampshade and the area that you intend to illuminate so you can settle for an option that can serve you and your family well.
  • The safety of the lampshade- looking for a piece that is UL certified will help you ensure that all the safety standards have been met.
  • The aesthetics, going for a hanging stained lampshade that will match with the internal decor of your space, is essential to avoid color scheme conflict.

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