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A well-lit staircase looks less creepy and inviting. Some houses have simple staircases, while others have magnificently designed staircases that make statements to anyone that walks into the house. Whichever the case, having your staircase well lit will help in a number of ways, including; avoiding accidents such as tripping and falling. Good lighting also adds to the beauty of your rails and balusters. Different strategies, such as natural and artificial lighting, can be used to light up stairways. Today we are going to look at the best modern glass chandeliers to light up a stairway.

1. Staircase Chandeliers 10 Glass Balls Multi Lights by QTQZDD

Nothing beats having an eye-catching yet a caring eye source of light for your stairway. This piece is beautiful in every possible way and can be used as a statement piece for your house. The design and the arrangement of the bulbs are put in a way that creates a modern vibe and makes the whole fixture a work of art. Also, the lights are bright, soft, and designed to take care of your eyes. The light has no UV or Ir radiation. It has a visual uniformity that is designed to shield your eyes from flickering.

  • Chandeliers are not the type of things that we want to make several purchases for in a year, and that is why going for something that is designed to last for long would be a win for you. This staircase chandelier 10 glass ball is built to last, therefore guaranteeing you usage in the long term.
  • This lighting can help you set the ambiance. Its soft lighting provides a good romantic vibe and can set the mood of your house. Its luminaries help you create the atmosphere that you want in your spaces.
  • Sometimes we can get the most beautiful chandeliers in the market, but installing becomes a problem. In such a case, we end up having poorly installed fixtures, which can be dangerous and ugly, or we end up wasting a lot of time trying to install it. With the staircase chandelier 10 glass ball, it is easy to install, and it comes with a full guide on installation, taking you step by step on how to install it in your spaces.
  • We all would go for something that helps us save a dollar or so on our electricity bills. When shopping for lighting, the energy efficiency of the fixture is something worth buying, and that is why this fixture is the best in the market. It helps you save on electricity, ultimately reducing your lighting costs.
  • The safety measures of lighting products have been taken to consideration in this chandelier. It is ERP approved, and Qc passed product.
  • This chandelier is agile, and besides it being used to light up your staircase, it can be fixed in your living room, dining room, kids room, office, hotel, bars, lobby, front desks, restaurants, and any other space that you need a lighting fixture.

2. Staircase Chandelier Long Chandelier Modern Minimalist Nordic Duplex Rotating Staircase Lamp Glass by GWF

  • The creativity in this chandelier is mind-blowing. It brings much-needed aesthetics into your modern home. More than it hanging on your ceiling as a light fixture, this chandelier is an excellent piece of art and a decorative piece.
  • This chandelier gives you a choice to have it your way. Whether you want it hanging close to the floor or high up close to the ceiling, the adjustable wire length allows for such flexibility.
  • The lampshades are made with the future in mind. The aluminum used on them is abrasion resistant, it does not weather, and also, it does not rust. Therefore you are assured of having this fixture for a long time without it having a significant quality decline.
  • The carving of this fixture is excellently done. The corners and edges are distinct. The texture of the fixture is pure, and the crystal used on it is clear.
  • This chandelier meets all the safety precautions, and thus it is safe for use in your home. It has a power cord enclosed in it, and the bulbs are bright enough to serve your needs.

3. Jazava Contemporary 5-light Large Chandeliers by JAZAVA

  •  Add a taste of class and sophistication by adding this fixture to your stairway. This chandelier has a modern style, has five lights, and its just the best fit for any space within your home.
  • The materials used in this unit tells you why it is sophisticated. Designed with white frosted linen and clear glass shades. Also, the chandelier has brushed nickel finish that adds to its style, beauty, and class.
  • With this chandelier, you will know no limitations in regards to the hanging height you want. It has a 10.2” chain and four adjustable rods measuring 2” by 6” and 2” by 10”. The chandelier measures 14.2” in height and 22” in diameter. The shades have a diameter of 3.9” and a height of 4.9”.
  • Again, this chandelier offers you the flexibility that is required for it to be installed in any setting. It features a durable swivel that allows you to mount on flat or sloped ceilings.  The fixture is compatible with most junction boxes.
  • This chandelier is compatible with a variety of incandescent bulbs, LED, CFL and halogen bulbs. It requires 3*E26 bulbs medium base socket for each lamp. This light can be used to set the ambiance, for example, if you are having a cocktail party at your place, you can dim it. It is fully dimmable when being used alongside a dimmable bulb and a compatible dimmer switch. Wach bulb used on this unit should not exceed the set 60W maximum. When purchasing this unit, it does not come with the bulbs and dimmer switch in the package.
  • This unit is UL listed, meaning it meets all the required standards for lighting fixtures. Also, the unit comes with a one-year warranty guarantee. This fixture is designed for indoor use only. Also, you can get fully refunded in case of dissatisfaction within the first thirty days of purchase. The customer service for this item is responsive, and you get prompt replies on all your questions 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • This chandelier is perfect for use in the office, in the kitchen, the foyer, stairway, dining room, bedroom, hallway, entryway, and stairway.

4. MTN5L-HD1 Milton 5-Pendant Spiral Incandescent Light Fixture With a Metal Mesh Shade and an Industrial Design by Artika

  • Have you been looking to add a touch of contemporary design to your house, but then you are too scared of how much it could cost you? We have some good news for you! Artika, the reputable brand for over twenty years that is known for manufacturing and distributing home furnishings in over twenty countries has got your back. With a couple of dollars, you can acquire this elegant 5-pendant spiral.
  • This fixture has a metal mesh shade, a matte black finish, and Edison style light bulbs. All of these combined are perfect for updating your home to the latest decor trend. The style of this fixture complements a lot of decors, both traditional and modern.
  • This unit has a lot of thought put to it, and it is made with you in mind.usually, the Artika team does their product development and research in conjunction with various experts. This diligence equips them to provide highly functional and trendy items to end-users. Therefore, every item they bring to the market is well-suited for the various interior design trends, modern architecture, and technology, thus, allowing you to personalize your space. These eye-catching light accents are excellent at illuminating your decor
  • This fixture has adjustable cables that measure 61.2” in height, 14.61” in width, and  13.62” length. Its adjustability feature helps it to create a look of luxury and intimacy.
  • You do not have to worry about the installation. The possess is easy, and all the installation hardware is included in the purchase.
  • This fixture is energy efficient, which makes it perfect for any home. Also, it is CSA listed to ensure your safety. Upon purchase, you are given a thirty days warranty against any manufacturer’s defect.
  • This fixture comes with premium bulbs and a metal mesh shade. It is dimmable, which makes it perfect for creating ambiance indoors in the bedroom, foyer, hallways, kitchen, living room, and every space in your home.

5. 60w Artistic Modern Pendant with 4 Lights in Glass Bubble Design by LightIn The Box

  • Light in the Box design and make every one of their lights in a way that will make you realize the magic of crystals and also light up your spaces in beautiful ways. Each crystal of this unit is radiant and luminous in the long term. The crystals do not contain any blurs, bubbles, and streaks. The sheen, color, and the spectrum of the crystals bring in all the good vibe in this unit.
  • Light in the Box is very persistent in the original designs they get from their professionals. The procedures for making their fixtures are followed to the latter, and the design is implemented by hundred of brilliants and skilled craftsmen. The company is well known for its strict quality control measures that are conducted for every item to ensure the end user’s safety.
  • This four-light chandelier is designed in a way that adds class to your home decor and dazzles your home with beauty.
  • This chandelier has glass encrusted globe shades, it has four rows of cascading hanging pendants, and the finish is well painted to bring out perfection in this unit.
  • This chandelier can be used in a house of any ceiling height or in a room of any size, thanks to its adjustable chain. The design of the four lights allows a subtle glow of light to be emitted, and it adds to the mood and the drama of the space it is installed.
  • The light filters through the crystal, thus giving this unit a radiant sparkle. Though this light has the best style to bring class and style into space, it is not too glitzy and over the top. It is versatile, fitting the needs of both a classy fixture and one that is laid back and comfortable.
  • This fixture is compatible with incandescent bulbs. The bulbs are not included in the purchasing package, and It should be fitted with four bulbs. The wattage per bulb should not exceed 60. The bulb base should E12/ E14.
  • The fixture is made of metal, thus, making it durable. The net weight of this fixture is 5.2 kg; therefore, it is easy to carry and install.
  • The fixture has a height of 36”, a width of 8” and a length of 8”. The chain is adjustable and has a length of 31”.
  • This beautiful chandelier is a great addition to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, stairway, corridor, etc.

Things to look for in a modern Staircase glass chandelier

i. Dimmability, depending on your needs, you may require a fixture that can be dimmed to create a different ambiance in your house on special occasions.

ii. The adjustability of the chain, this is especially important if your ceiling is not too high up, or in case you are living in a small house.

iii. The aesthetics, different manufacturers have put in work to develop different models of chandeliers that have different aesthetics. Depending on your needs and your already existing decor, you can choose whichever style suits you and that which brings in your best vibe.

iv. Ul listed, having a chandelier that is UL listed ensures your safety and that of your loved ones.

v. Warranty, guarantee, and customer service- having the option to return and get a full refund or replacement in case of a manufacturer’s dysfunction is a great option. Also, having a customer service that responds to all your queries before and after purchase is key. You can know the quality of the customer service by checking what other online buyers are saying about the seller.

Final Thoughts on Modern Staircase Glass Chandeliers

Modern staircase glass chandeliers are a simple, inexpensive way of giving your house a touch of modernity and transform your stairway. Avoid any accidents and set the vibe you want for your house by purchasing any of the above modern staircase glass chandeliers.

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