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There are days when the winter is too cold, and heating your room to the optimum temperatures doesn’t feel enough. You walk into your bedroom and get under really cold bedding, and your entire night is ruined. In such times, heated bedding comes in handy. In the recent past, bedding manufacturers have made tremendous steps towards improving the comfort of users and, they have made significant inventions like heated mattress pads.

Advantages of using a heated mattress pad

  • Heated bedding gives you a therapeutic relief as you sleep. Heat has a way of healing as it helps ease any tension, relax your muscles, and promote the flow of blood around your body. Heat enables you to feel your best, even in the coldest winters. Using a heated mattress pad is magical; it helps you relieve even sore muscles as you sleep. Adding to the warmth and the cozy feeling that a heated mattress pad brings to you, you get therapy in the different body parts that you need the most. Heated mattress pads allow your legs, shoulders, neck, back to be in contact with low-level warmth, thus, allowing better blood flow and nutrients circulation, a process that fastens healing in case of sore muscles.
  • Heated mattress pads help you to save money. On cold winters, there is no way you are going to turn off the thermostat as you go to bed. The centrality of the home heating system makes it energy and money consuming. For example, when the home heater is on, you heat your kitchen, living room, and other unused spaces at night. Using an electric heated mattress pad will allow you to turn off the home heater as you go to bed and heat your bed alone. This will significantly save you energy and money to pay for electric bills. Also, some really advanced electric pads have dual temperature settings; thus, if you and your partner prefer different temperatures, the dual controller can help you achieve this with ease.
  • You can get heat distributed evenly throughout your bedding. Some electrically heated mattress pads have thermofine technology, which is a superior wiring system that detects heat levels and adjusts them accordingly. By recognizing the level of heat being dispersed, this technology helps eliminate hotspots, regulate temperatures, and adjust the heat without it shutting down.
  • Electrically heated mattress pads allow you to heat your bed in advance before sleeping time. The pads have a pre-heat option, and you can select your preferred temperature and heat before bedtime. This convenience allows you to fall to sleep fast as compared to having unheated bedding and spending the first couple of hours in bed trying to heat the bedding with your body warmth.

Are you ready to have a shiver-free winter? That is an achievable goal for sure; by purchasing an electric heated mattress pad, you can get there. Well, it can be confusing getting into the market without any prior knowledge of what are the best electric heated mattress pads and what qualities to look for in one. To bridge this information gap, we hopped into the market and researched for you. Today, we will look at the best electric heated mattress pad, and a buyer’s guide will come at the end.

1. Heated Mattress Pad|Quilted Polyester, Twin-MSU3GTS-P000-12A00 by Sunbeam

  • With over one hundred years of bringing comfort and inventing products that add value to users, Sunbeam keeps getting better. Invention after invention across generations has made lives better, and it is the same with this polyester-made electric heated mattress pad. This pad has one hundred and forty thread count.
  • The dual-zone control is a superpower with this pad; you don’t have to worry about the difference in heating needs between you and your partner. This electric mattress pad allows for individualized comfort.
  • This pad has ten different heat settings; thus, you can adjust the heat according to your needs. Also, it has a ten-hour auto-off function, which allows you to sleep without worrying about switching off the system.
  • This electric pad has a thermofine warming system, which senses and adjusts heat levels throughout the blanket, thus allowing for uniform heat distribution.
  • The mattress pad has a whole five ounces to fill, and the skirt fits up to an 18-inch mattress.
  • Cleaning and maintaining this electric heated mattress pad is easy because it is machine washable and can use the dryer safely.

2. Heated Mattress Pad Twin with 5 Heat Settings by MP2

  • This mattress pad has vertical channels with quilted constructions and five ounces to fill. These features make it comfortable as you do not feel the wires while you sleep; you only feel the heat.
  • This mattress pad has a dual-side controller, which allows you to individualize the heat settings. Also, it has ten different heat settings that allow you to adjust the heat levels to your requirement.
  • Ever thought of having your bed pre-heated before getting in there? This electric heated mattress pad does precisely that. The controller pre-heat button heats the bed before you get in there, ensuring you enter into a warm cozy bed. The heated mattress pad will distribute the heat equally throughout your mattress, and it helps reduce any aches or pains during your sleep.
  • This heated mattress pad helps you reduce your electricity bills since you can turn off the thermostat at night as your bed is already heated.
  • This electric heated mattress pad has a safety setting that automatically shuts off the heating system after ten hours. It also has five different heat settings. The mattress pad is UL safety certified; thus, you are assured of your safety while using this mattress pad.
  • This mattress pad can heat up with low EMF radiation, thus, shielding you from the risk of high radiation.
  • The MP2 electric heated mattress pad is made of 100% polyester; thus, you are guaranteed of its durability. Also, the wiring of the pad is soft and flexible, thus ensuring maximum protection of the pressure points, and you won’t feel them, thanks to the quilted top.
  • Cleaning and maintaining this pad is easy since it is machine washable and can be dried on tumble, using low heat. You are advised not to bleach or iron this pad as it will tamper with its makeup.
  • Also, this mattress pad comes with a five years warranty, what other quality guarantee is better?

3. Heated Mattress Pad by MaxKare

  • What beats coming back home after a chilly day from work during winter and snuggle up in a warm, cozy bed? That is the exact experience that MaxKare heated mattress pad brings to your home.
  • This pad is made using a flannel, soft wiring system that you won’t feel as you sleep. It has ten different heat settings and nine timer settings. It has a digital controller for controlling your temperature.
  • This mattress pad is made of ultra-soft coral velvet that is smooth to the touch. Velvet has the cut threads evenly distributed, with a short, dense pile. This makes it soft.
  • Picking out bed lining can be a tricky ordeal, especially for individuals that have allergies. The MaxKare heated mattress pad is made of hypoallergenic material that is perfect for people that have frequent allergies. Generally, using hypoallergenic or organic bed linings brings a lot of comforts.
  • This electric heated mattress pad provides fast and instant heat. Selecting the highest temperature settings allows you to get the pad heated up fast. A useful guideline with this pad is usually switching it 30-60 minutes before you going to bed and also, covering it up with the quilt, in preventing the heat from escaping.
  • Individual design, with the ten different heat settings and the nine different timer settings, you have a range of choices, and you can choose your preferred optimum.

This pad has an overheating protection system. This technology stops the surface of the mattress from overheating by automatically switching off the mattress when there is enough heat or in case of a fault with the system. If the safety system switches off the mattress pad, the temperature settings won’t work even after the heated mattress is switched on.

A few precautions and guidelines to use with this pad.

i. Make sure you spread the heated mattress flat during use.

ii. Avoid inserting pins on the pad or mattress

iii. Do not use it when wet.

iv. Avoid pulling, kinking, or making any twists on the chords.

v. Never place a heating source like a hot water bottle on it when it is in use.

This mattress pad can be machine washed and dried using the following procedures.

i. Presoak the heated mattress pad in mild soap and cold water for about fifteen minutes. Do not use any bleaching agent on this item. Wash in the mild soap and cold water on the gentle or delicate cycle in the washer for about two minutes. Rinse off in fresh cold water. Spin dry it in the washing machine and then gently spread it into its original shape.

ii. When drying this pad, heat the dryer on the low-temperature settings for about two minutes. Place the pad on the drier and tumble dry it on low heat for about ten minutes. Remove the pad while it is still dumped and spread it back to its original shape. Drape the pad on a cloth line or a shower rod. Do not use a clothespin on it. Before reconnecting the pad to the power source, ensure that it is 100% dry.

4. SoftHeat with safe and warm low voltage technology by Perfect Fit

  • This heated mattress pad combines high-level technology with the softest fabrics in the market, thus allowing you to warm up with the best quality product ever.
  • Pre-heating feature. This mattress pad has a pre-heat feature that allows you to warm up your bed before sleeping time.
  • This mattress pad has zoned heating and easy dual controllers, which allow you to set the temperature at your preferred degrees, without sacrificing your partners’ preferences.
  • This electric heated mattress pad allows you the privilege to save while you sleep. Turning off the thermostat won’t mean you are shivering through the night because this pad will enable you to sleep in a warm bed.
  • Soothe your muscles as you sleep. Studies have shown that applying heat to sore muscles, pains and aches go a long way in alleviating the discomfort.
  • This mattress pad has a safe, warm, and low voltage technology that keeps you warm and safe. It operates on heat of fewer than 25 volts; this is nearly the current that lights up a bulb. This low voltage technology has a small power supply box that coverts 120 volt AC home current into non-harmful low voltage DC, close to the battery current. Thus, this mattress pad is safe even if it becomes wet.
  • Unlike traditional warming products that have loosely spaced wires (5-inches apart), this electric heated mattress pad has thin cables that are evenly spaced (3-inches apart) from head to toe; thus, this pad allows you to get even warmth during sleep without the hot or cold spots.
  • Also, the wires are different from the traditional ones that are thick, bulky, and uncomfortable. With the soft heat mattress pads, the wires are ultra-thin, flexible, and they lay flat within the mattress pad. Thus, the cables are well built to provide you with the warmth required without conventional discomfort and bulkiness.
  • Unlike the traditional heating solutions that use up a lot of energy, Soft Heat provides you with a solution that consumes lower energy levels; thus, you spend less on the bills.
  • Soft Heat utilizes an additional inner layer of fiberfill and soft fabric that enhances comfort and support. Each wire is wrapped between a layer of fiberfill, directing the heat downwards towards you, thus giving out heating that keeps you warm for a longer time.
  • This electric heated mattress pad comes with a five-year warranty ensuring the promise that you get value for your money.

What to look for when buying the best electric Heated Mattress.

  1. Safety, this should be the first thing you think about when you want to buy anything for your house. Especially with electronics, you want to be sure that you and your loved ones are safe when using them. Therefore, ensuring that the electric heated mattress pad that you are looking into buying is UL certified is vital. Some manufacturers give you options, including the non-hazardous DC voltage, be sure to check all the instructions carefully before purchasing. Getting a heated mattress pad with a timer on it will be very helpful as it can auto-shut in case you forget putting it off.
  2. Quality- I am sure you do not want to spend all your money trying to replace dysfunctional heaters. That is why you should go for the highest quality in the market. Also, a warranty will go a long way in ensuring you of the condition.
  3. Check the fit of the mattress pad. You do not want one that moves around and is not too tight.

Final Thoughts on Best Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Every time winter comes along; you will thank yourself for buying the best electric heated mattress pads. In addition to the comfort you will have, you will significantly cut on your electricity bills due to efficient and focused heating.

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