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Commode chairs are designed for convenience to people who cannot easily get to the bathroom. In most cases, they are used for people who are confined to the bed during the day, such as the sick, the elderly, etc. at night, commode chairs can also be used by people who are more mobile but do not want to make endless trips to the bathroom.

Benefits of commode chairs

  1. Commode chairs offer autonomy to people who would have otherwise be confined in a bed or take a huge risk to leave their bed to the bathroom. Regardless of the situation that people are in, commode chairs help people to have independence and discretion as someone can go to the toilet when they need without necessarily asking for assistance. This also improves the hygiene of the user.
  2. They enhance safety while using commode chairs; you reduce the risk that would otherwise be caused by making endless bathroom trips. They also have support bars, thus, reducing the risk that may be caused by making movements on your own.
  3. They help preserve privacy, for the dependents, losing their privacy during the biological processes may become an issue in the long term, and having a commode chair help them use a “bathroom” on their own without their privacy being invaded.
  4. They are mobile; foldable commode can be carried around in your car when making trips outside the house; this makes it possible for the elderly to experience life outside their homes.

Types of Commode Chairs

  1. Portable commode chairs, these ones have wheels on them, they can be folded and carried around as someone travels. They are very convenient, and they save you up a lot of storage space.
  2. Static commode chairs usually do not have wheels, but most of them have detachable arms, which enhances mobility and transportation. They are available in a variety of designs.
  3. Bariatric commode chairs are designed with durability in mind. They are strong enough to support the weight of up to 600 pounds. They have wider spaces, thus, allowing the person using it to sit down comfortably.

Having looked at the benefits of a commode chair and the different types available in the market, we will focus our energy on the best bedside padded foldable commode chair in the market to help you make the right decision.

1. UltraCommode Foldable Commode/ Shower Chair by Platinum Health

  • This commode will take away the embarrassment of having to use a clunky one that looks like it has been around for at least five generations. It has a modern design with a choice of either blue or gray padding options, and its frame is made of brushed aluminum.
  • This commode is a professional grade kind of chair, frontline healthcare professionals design it, and psychotherapists, nurses, and doctors highly endorse it. This chair is designed for people who are wooed by quality, convenience, and who pay attention to their safety. It is the best option for end users and caregivers who require versatility in different toileting and bathing needs.
  • This commode chair can be used as freestanding. It features a pail and a cover. Also, it allows you to customize the height to your preferred option. The seat is extra large thus, offering you extra comfort, the seat measures 16” *16”, and the distance between the armrests is 20”, thus giving you the ultimate comfort.
  • Folding for this commode chair is no rocket science. It can be folded within split seconds. This feature allows you to conveniently store the commode chair without taking up as much space, and also, it will enable you to travel with it.
  • This commode chair is multi-purpose as it can be used as a shower chair. It is super comfortable and guarantees to bring back the excitement of taking showers. This commode has a closed-cell molded polyurethane padding that will never absorb water, and it is easy to clean and disinfect. The aluminum frame is high-quality and will not rust, thus guaranteeing you proper condition in the long term. The open-front construction makes cleaning the perineal region easier, and an independent decision, more than any commode in the past has allowed.
  • This commode features a padded pivoting and locking armrest that allows easy and safe transfer to happen. By folding the armrests completely, you can freely and safely transfer someone from the commode. You can lock back the armrest after the transfer for peace and safety.
  • This commode chair provides ultimate independence and a lot of ease in cleaning. It has a 100% open front, making wiping and cleaning easy to do. Unlike the traditional commodes, this one has no metal bars or toilet seat on its way. The pivoting armrest increases the access of this seat as they can be swung away during cleaning or transfers and be brought back in afterward.
  • This commode guarantees your comfort, and your experience will be 100% exceptional. The padded seat, backrest, and armrest enhance the comfort of using this commode and eliminates any chance of having skin tears. The padding is softer and warmer and increases the comfort of this commode compared to the traditional ones that had plastic, making it less slippery and safer for use.
  • This commode is easy to set up. It does not require a professional and can be assembled without using any tools within a minute, making it even more convenient and user friendly.

2. Dignity Ultra-Premium Padded Commode/ Shower Chair by Platinum Health

  • This premium commode by platinum health meets all the necessary health standards as frontline health workers and professionals design it. It is designed with you in mind, and it is aimed at enhancing your experience as a user.
  • It comes with a commode pail and lid, thus, eliminating the need to buy another product. The commode pail is secure in position and can easily be removed for emptying and cleaning. This commode chair, i.e., the best to use as a bedside commode.
  • With this commode chair, guesswork and a lot of algorithms are eliminated. Sometimes when buying a commode chair, people have to go into the guesswork of thinking whether their purchase will fit in with their raised toilet, or, they will have to correct the height. Correcting the height may compromise safety and comfort, which makes it not a good idea. With the dignity commode, you are provided with a comfortable, perfect-height solution each time, no matter what your toilet size or design is.
  • Works well as a shower chair, this commode is made using the commercial-grade polyurethane foam that will not absorb water and the medical-grade aluminum used for the frame never rusts. These makeup components of the commode make it easy to clean and disinfect, thus, the possibility of having a clean commode chair all the time.
  • This commode seat guarantees you superior comfort, and any possible skin tear is eliminated, thanks to the foam-padded seat, backrest, and armrest. The armrests are sturdy, thus, allowing for secure standing and sitting with guaranteed safety as compared to other toilet seats. Also, the warm, soft padding makes toileting enjoyable as compared to the traditional all-plastic toilet seat that is cold to the touch. The padding also ensures comfort when the toilet stays are longer.
  • This commode has eliminated a significant design flaw that exists among so many commodes that are selling in the market today and even in the earlier years. There is nothing good about a commode that has no access to the perineal area. Proper access allows you to clean and disinfect the commode with ease. This commode has unobstructed access that allows you to that with ease, thanks to its unique U- Shaped front bar.
  • This commode features high contrast visibility. Unlike the traditional commodes that were white and, therefore, hard to spot by the visually and cognitively impaired users, this commode has a Hi-View blue color that makes it easy to distinguish the seat from its surrounding, thus, preventing accidents.
  •  It is easy to assemble this commode; the process is out of the box and tool-less.

3. NOVA Drop Arm Transport Chair Commode, Rolling With Locking Wheels & Removable Padded Seat by NOVA Medical Products

  • This Nova commode is a premium seat that is designed to last and enhance user experience.
  • This commode chair has wheels making it easy to roll. There is no need to bend to lock and unlock the wheels. The wheels are also rust-resistant; thus, guaranteeing functional operation over a long time.
  • This commode chair is multi-purpose. It can double up as a transport chair. It has a comfortable, removable pad that fits on the commode seat, transforming it into a transport chair.
  • This commode comes with a pail and lid, which are easy to slide from in and outside the rear of the seat, thus making it easy to clean and disinfect the commode.
  • This commode is easy to assemble, and the assembling process is tool-free.
  • This commode features a quick-release drop arm and removable swing-away footrests. These features make the commode safe to use and make transfers easy. The lock wheels can easily be engaged or released using the foot pedal.
  • This commode seat can carry up to a weight of 250lb.

4. Healthline Deluxe 3 in 1 Bedside Commode, Toilet Safety Frame, Elevated Toilet Seat by Healthline

  • This frame has superpower qualities. It can be configured to be used as a bedside commode, an elevated toilet seat, a toilet safety frame, or it can be used over your existing toilet.
  • The back is removable thus, making it easy to change the use, depending on where and how you want to use. The process is also tool-free.
  • This commode has a padded seat, making the seating comfortable. The pads on the armrest give someone a safe grabbing place, thus making sitting and standing easy.
  • This commode is perfect for users that use a wheelchair or those with limited finger and hand dexterity. For wheelchair users, the tool-free drop arms ease the lateral transfer to and from the commode, while also ensuring safety.
  • The legs of this commode can be height adjusted using a push-button. This allows the commode to be used comfortably as a toilet seat.
  • It is easy to disassemble this commode without tools, thus, making it easy to travel conveniently.
  • This commode is made of grey powder-coated steel that ensures that the unit is durable and strong enough to support a weight capacity of up to 300lbs.
  • The unit comes fully complete with a splash guard, a 12-quart commode bucket with a handle that makes carrying it convenient and a lid.
  • This commode has a 19” width between the arms that makes it comfortable to sit on. The seat has a large surface area to ensure that the user is comfortable. It measures 16.75” in depth, 15.25” in width and 19”-23” in height. The overall dimensions of this commode are 20” in length, 23.75” in width and 35” in height.

Factors to consider when buying a Bedside Commode

  1. Size, it is important to check the size of the seating surface to ensure that the user has ultimate comfort. Also, the space between the two armrests should be sizeable enough to allow comfort and also safety.
  2. Material, the traditional commodes, had plastic as their main material. The downside of using plastic on commodes is that it is too cold for touch and thus may make the overall use of the unit horrible. To enhance users’ experience, manufacturers have invented using pads in place of plastic. The pads are warm and cozy, and therefore, going for a padded commode will enhance your user experience.
  3. Foldability this feature comes in handy when you want to travel around with your dependent. Being able to fold the commode quickly makes it portable, and also, it helps you save the storage space for the unit.
  4. Safety, this should always come first when you are purchasing something. Some of the things to consider are; the materials used to construct your commode of choice. Are they firm enough to hold the weight of your dependant?
  5. Durability is largely contributed by the material that is used to make the commode. If a metal is used, ensuring that the metal is rust-free is a good starting point.

Final Thoughts on Best Bedside Padded Foldable Commode Chairs

Living with your elderly folks or other dependents can be a lot of work due to their limited mobility. However, this doesn’t have to be the case with all the modern technology around us. Buying the best bedside padded foldable commode chair will allow them to manage their toileting, thus relieving you of that task.

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