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After considering what products you want to use on your skin, the next consideration should be the mirror you use to apply them and the lighting of the space where you wear your makeup. Even with the best products in the market, you may end up walking with portions of an unblended foundation if you do not have the right makeup mirror and the right lighting. This is why we got into the market to take off the burden of indifference and help you get yourself the best makeup mirror with light and magnification. There is a tonne of them in the market, and getting the right one could be a daunting task for you.

To help you ensure that you are making the right purchase, here are a few things to consider while buying a makeup mirror.

  1. Magnification mode: mirrors have different magnification abilities. Some have up to 15X; however, the perfect magnification that helps you catch every detail is said to be about 8x. With the 8X magnification, there is less image distortion. However, you might be required to get a mirror with more than 8X if you have an eyesight problem.
  2. Light settings: with makeup mirrors, the most popular lightings are LED lights, incandescent lights, and fluorescent lights. With the fluorescent and the LED lights, they are considered the best for makeup mirrors. This is because they are not only brighter but also mimic the daylight. If you prefer a softer light that is more flattering than the incandescent light is a good go-to option.
  3. Heat and safety: some mirrors get heated up enough to cause a fire hazard.  Incandescent lights are known for getting quite hot. Some brands even state that leaving a mirror at a certain angle can cause a fire. To be safe with this, you need to check the user guide and opt for one to ensure your overall safety.
  4. Adjustability: newer makeup mirror design can rotate up to 360 degrees. This is an essential attribute as it helps you see every detail on your face. Tri-fold mirrors are also excellent at helping you see from all angles. Are you tired of crouching over the bathroom sink just to see your face on the wall-mounted old fashioned mirror? Then it is time to get a mirror that has an adjustable height.

With this information in mind, let us look at a list of the nine best makeup mirrors with light and magnification and what the customers had to say about them.

 1. ST3026 20cm Sensor Mirror with Touch-Control Brightness, Brushed Stainless Steel by Simplehuman

  • Having a mirror that senses my face when I appear before it sounds like a superpower to me. I would love to invest every single dollar to get one like that. The automatic lighting on the mirror is like an invitation, “Hey, beautiful, I am at your service.” Obviously, everyone wants that in the morning, especially to beat the morning fog.
  • Also, the mirror turns off when you walk away. Sometimes you are running late, and the small details of turning the mirror off after doing your makeup just slip through your mind. This is where this mirror comes in handy, you will save your time, and you won’t risk leaving the mirror on the whole day.
  • This mirror has a color rendering index of 90, which is suitable for your usage.
  • Natural lighting is the best for doing your makeup. It allows you to see even the subtle details. You will always know when your makeup is flawless and when it is color-correct. This mirror has a TRU-LUX light system that does this role precisely by stimulating natural light in your room. Something else, you can control brightness to whichever range you want from 100lux to 800lux. This whole control process is fast and intuitive as it is done by simply touching the mirror.
  • It has long-lasting LEDs. These lights are excellently effective and have been designed to be on par with the surgical LED. This ensures that you do not miss even a single detail. Also, they will still work like they were new even after 40,000 hours of use.
  • This mirror has a magnification of 5x, which will provide you with fine details and also, will allow you to see your entire face.
  • Its battery life is long-lasting. A single charge can last you up to five weeks without needing to recharge it. The mirror is rechargeable and cordless.
  • This mirror has excellent adjustability, which allows you to fully tilt it back to allow you to have a clear and comfortable view even while standing.

Customer feedback

The beautiful design of this mirror received lots of appreciation from many online customers. The brushed stainless steel is also another feature that intrigued the customer as it makes the product eye-catching and easy to clean. The customers also praised it for keeping the charge for a long time despite its daily usage.

2. Professional 8.5″ Lighted makeup mirror by Vesaur

  • This mirror has great aesthetics and lighting too. It has 32 medical-grade lamp beads, which provides you with ultra-bright light that is also soft for your eye protection. While most makeup mirrors have a color rendering index of around 80, this mirror has a color rendering index that exceeds 97.
  • It has a very stable light source and an adjustable brightness. The light adjustment limits range from 0-1100 Lux, and this can be done without a lot of strain using a knob on the mirror.
  • This professional makeup mirror has a huge magnification of up to 10X. The mirror is double-sided, with one side being 1:1, and the other one is 1:10. Both sides of the mirror can achieve an HD mirror effect of more than 10 million pixels. The mirror operates on the principle of no pixel loss magnification, making it able to guarantee to zoom in without distortion.
  • The material makeup of this mirror is high quality and expensive. The pearl Nickel in it very chemically stable, which makes this mirror to have high corrosion resistance.
  • The appearance of this mirror is a classic combination of modern and vintage. Besides being your best makeup mirror, it is a beautiful decoration piece and would be an ideal gift for someone too.
  • This mirror can rotate at 360 degrees, therefore making it possible to be adjusted at whatever angle you need it to be. The shaft is durable and has non-loose properties.
  • This mirror has a dual power source; the AC adaptor and 4*AA battery can power it. With each of these methods, you get 20% more brightness compared to other power supply methods.
  • This mirror is multi-purpose, and CE approved. Besides being a mirror, it can double up as a desk lamp, ambient lights, night lights, etc.

Customer feedback

“Best makeup mirror I have ever had! The best makeup mirror ever” these are some of the reviews that the online customers gave this product. People are pleased by how beautiful this piece is and its effective and efficient lighting.

3. Double-Sided Fluorescent Lighted Makeup Mirror by Conair

  • First of all, the dimensions of this mirror are perfect! It has an 8″5 diameter, and it is double-sided
  • The mirror can rotate at 360 degrees and has two viewing magnifications. The mirror is fixed with energy-saving fluorescent bulbs making it easy for you to find your perfect light.
  • It has a 1X and 10X magnification, making it possible for you to adjust your viewing. This mirror has a reflection that is fog-free and the best for grooming and makeup.
  • Conair reflection mirrors come in different sizes and designs. Each one of them has a different magnification and light setting, thus making it easier for you to enhance your daily makeup routines and grooming needs.
  • The fluorescent bulbs featured in this mirror are energy-saving and save up to 60% energy.
  • The manufacturer recommends using this unit in a 120volt, 60 hertz AC electrical outlet.

Customer feedback

Online buyers described this mirror as perfect and with great magnification. “The mirror can see at a microscopic level,” said one satisfied customer who is appeased by how well this mirror is able to bring the nitty-gritty details into the light.

4. Makeup vanity mirror with lights by Albor

  • We all love bonuses, don’t we? This vanity makeup mirror comes with a 15x magnifying mirror, just to give you a closer look at yourself. The product also comes with 2 BONUS beauty blender-like sponges and holders.
  • The mirror has a smart touch control. No one wants to use up their entire tank of energy to adjust a mirror. This unit saves you the hustle in that it has a smart touch control. This allows you to turn the light on or off and make light adjustments with ease. This unit also gives you a choice between 3 makeup light color temperatures from warm to cool. These adjustments help you to get the best reflections ever.
  • The overall look and feel of this mirror are unforgettable. To anyone who walks into your room, if they forget everything seen in there, it won’t be this mirror for sure!
  • The base of this mirror is skidproof, therefore reducing all the risks of it falling and breaking into pieces.
  • The LED makeup mirror can rotate for a full 360 degrees, making it easy to set at any position that gives you the perfect view.
  • The frame of this mirror is made of aluminum, thus giving it a beautiful finish.
  • This mirror has 12 bulbs, each with a 0.6 w and has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.
  • The simplicity of its design has eliminated the hustles of installing and hiring a professional electrician to help you set up this mirror. All you have to do is just plug the mirror in and get going.

Customer feedback

” Obsessed! So glam! Great mirror for the price!” These are just but a few responses that this product received from the online customers. The piece is beautiful, and they like how the lighting and the adjustments work.

5. Lighted Makeup Mirror by Fenchilin

  • Are you looking for a mirror with the perfect size of your dressing table? Then a FENCHILIN lighted makeup mirror is the best suit for you. This mirror is 14.5″ long and has a height of 18.5″.
  • This mirror is sturdy and has a solid metal frame, which enhances its feel and looks. It has a firm base that is designed with the ability to withstand heavy use on your dressing desk.
  • The 12pcs non-replace LED bulbs are excellent at providing large and bright viewing.
  • The brightness of the lightings can be adjusted according to your needs.also it has three light colors; warm yellow, daylight, and cool white. These adjustments help you in achieving flawless professional makeup.
  • Controlling this mirror and making any adjustments is simplified by the touching sensor switch on the screen. This mirror has a memory function that makes it return to the last use light once it is switched on; therefore, if you use one constant brightness all through, you will not need a lot of adjusting.
  • This mirror has a detachable 10X magnification and rotates for a full 360 degrees. This allows you to get the perfect viewing angle. The detachable 10X magnification is essential in viewing every single detail of your face, and also it comes in handy when applying delicate makeup such as eyebrow and eyeliner.
  • The mirror is durable and has 12 non-replaceable bulbs that have a life of 50,000hours. A 12V UL certified adapter powers this mirror. The packaging is drop-proof, thus guaranteeing that you will receive the mirror in good condition.

Customer Feedback

Customers appreciate the adjustable lightings of this mirror. They also highlighted that this unit is very well made and is sturdy. “The touch light is super fancy,” said one customer who also happened to like the mirror’s size and the brightness of the bulb.

6. Large Vanity Makeup Mirror with lights by Hansong

  • Whether you are hunting for your makeup mirror or looking to gift any girl or lady in your life, this piece is a perfect fit. It is flattering and has been said to be a celebrity mirror. It helps you relax and brighten your daily makeup routine, and it becomes more fun and enjoyable.
  • This unit comes at a very affordable price, and every dollar is worth the features therein.
  • This mirror has a perfect size. It comes in dimensions of 24*18″ therefore, it is an excellent fit for your upper body view.
  • The brightness of the mirror can be adjusted, and you can change it into three different colors. It has 15LED bulbs. The bulbs have three different tone settings, giving you the allowance to either have a warm, light-day, or light-cold tone. The brightness can be adjusted to meet your makeup requirements.
  • This unit is easy to operate as it is smart controlled, and also has a memory function. The middle button is meant for turning the lights on and off. The left button helps change the color or tone of the light, and the right button is for brightness adjustments. The memory setting helps in retaining your light setting as you had it in your last use.
  • This unit comes with a detachable 10X magnifying. This one is useful in applying beauty products that require more precision, such as wearing contact lenses. Tweezing your eyebrows, etc. when taking a shower, you can fix it on the wall.
  • This unit has a glossy metal frame, which enhances the mirror’s overall look and makes it more high-grade and eye-catching.

Customer Feedback

Online customers said that this mirror is a fantastic affordable mirror. The touch screen works effortlessly, something that impressed the buyers. The three different lightings were also a plus on the customers’ side; they appreciated that they could control the amount of light according to their needs.

7. Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror by BEAUTME

  • This unit is designed with a touch of both elegance and class. It can be a good fit on your tabletop, or you can opt to mount it on the walls.
  • This mirror has the option to adjust the lighting into different tones. The warm light is at 3200k, and the daylight is at 6500k.
  • The mirror is made of an aluminum alloy frame, giving it both a beautiful finish and a durable, corrosion-resistant finish.
  • The mirror has 15pcs LED bulbs that make the brightness excellent. You can adjust the brightness according to your needs.
  • The unit has 15 dimmable bulbs. This helps in illuminating your face clearly to avoid any uneven shadow.
  • This mirror comes in the perfect size to allow you to do your makeup and also for any other grooming needs. Its dimensions are 16.54″ by 20.16″ by 3.94″.

Customer Feedback

“I would buy it again. Perfect! It is exactly as it was in the picture.” These are just but a few of the comments from the online buyers. People are pleased by both the beautiful look of this vanity mirror and the lighting too.

8. LED Lighted Makeup Mirror by Fancii

  • Wherever you are, you can be confident that you did your makeup perfectly, thanks to this high tech mirror. It has light settings that are adjustable into either warm, neutral, or natural daylight. This mirror has an easy dimming ability, and you can set the mirror into whichever state of brightness you prefer.
  • The batteries are rechargeable and environmentally friendly. After recharge, these batteries can last for up to 13 hours.
  • The viewing area is uniquely wide and has the ability to rotate at 360 degrees. You can set it at whichever angle you want to view, and this way, you will always walk confidently, knowing that you are, and you are at your very best.
  • It has unusual clarity as the mirror uses premium distortion-free glass. This is the perfect kind of mirror to create flawless makeup looks and hairstyles too. For close-up and detailed makeup work, you can make use of the 5X and the 7X magnifications.
  • It is portable. The three-panel mirrors can be folded with ease, in case you need to travel with your mirror.
  • The mirror has a width of 32cm and a height of 35cm. It is mounted to a detachable cosmetic organizer. This base is a perfect space for storing your makeup and jewelry.

Customer feedback

Customers liked the lighting on the mirror and the fact that it can be folded. One customer said she had struggled a lot with hotel room lightings until she found this piece, and she doesn’t have to worry anymore.

9. Professional 7.5″ Lighted Makeup Mirror by Mirrormore

  • This mirror has twenty-eight built-in lamp beads, which ensure that the mirror is adequately illuminated. The lighting is also made in a way that ensures your eyes are protected. It has a color rendering index of more than 97. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the brightness from 0-100 Lux.
  • The mirror is made of pearl nickel, which is a high-grade material. This material is chemically stable, and thus, it prevents the mirror from corroding.
  • This mirror can be rotated at 360 degrees, making it easy for you to set it at the angle you want to view from. This unit can either be powered by an AC adaptor, usually with the mirror or 4*AA battery.
  • This mirror can double up as a desk lamp, a night light, and as a decorative piece.

Customer Feedback

Customers generally loved the look and the effectiveness of the mirror. I especially loved a review done by a happy girlfriend, who received this as a Christmas gift from her boyfriend. Here is what she said, “This mirror is incredible! I love how it looks, it’s a great height, and I love the option to go cordless. The mirror is a nice size, so it’s easy to do my makeup and still see my entire face. The light is nice, and it’s powerful. The 10X magnification is a little too good; it should come with a warning label. Something along the lines of “Warning: Possible side effects include: a self-esteem deficiency, the inability to stop staring at your face, and over-plucked eyebrows.” It brought flaws to my attention that I didn’t even know I had. I’m just thankful that the human eye doesn’t zoom with as much intensity as this mirror does.”

Final Thoughts

A makeup mirror is not a luxury anymore to the girls’ dressing room. It is a necessity. Even with a small budget, you can get the best makeup mirrors with light and magnification.

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