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Do you have a dull and boring bathroom? You would be surprised to notice how much the right lighting would transform that bathroom into a space in which you want to spend more time. There are a variety of bathroom lights, and getting a simple vanity light with a touch of brushed nickel finish or gold or chrome can help you transform your whole bathroom space.

People often give a lot of attention to choosing the right tiles, exhaust fan, hanging shower curtains, and mirrors, and they end up giving very little attention to the lighting in the bathroom. You must know the bathroom lighting is equally significant and needs as much attention as everything else you are going to pick.

Vanity lights will help you add some aesthetics in your spaces, say your guest bedroom, and improve the overall ambiance of a place. Also, good lighting helps in keeping pests away. If you have trouble keeping rodents such as rats and insects like flies away, you must check how well lit your bathroom is. Are there corners in there where your current lighting doesn’t illuminate? If the answer is yes, then it might take you longer to get rid of all the pests and rodents.

Most people will opt for brushed nickel finished vanity bathroom lights. This is because they have a modern and warm undertone, matching them up with the rest of the home decor is easy; they can be easily cleaned and maintained. An excellent factor to focus on is that they are durable. Their sheen finishing lasts for years without requiring any polishing or replacement. Brushed nickel vanity lights are relatively cheap, and there is a wide range of options in the market for you to choose depending on your lighting budget.

Factors to Consider when Buying Bathroom Lights

  1. Illumination, the main reason why you are installing the lights is for illumination. Your daily self-care routines from grooming, shaving, styling, and at times your make up all happens in the bathroom. You do not want to struggle in accomplishing all these endeavors just because the room you are using is poorly lit. Mounting your scones at a distance of at least 36″ to 40″ apart at eye level in your vanity will help you eliminate the shadows, thus enhancing proper illumination. Light globes that are open below will be an essential lighting addition to your illumination needs compared to ones with top openings.
  2. Style, your bathroom style, and the style of the vanity fixtures are important considerations before making your purchase. As far as the style of the vanity fixture is concerned, these units are not only meant to light up your bathroom but also, to add to the aesthetic value of the space. Numerous designs can enhance the look of your bathroom from where you can choose from. In the style of the bathroom, this will have a lot to do with your personality and personal preference. Some of the available options include pendant lights, light bars, wall sconces, etc. Also, if you are looking at improving your bathroom’s overall ambiance, you could go for options like a vintage old-world ambiance, glass light bars, etc.
  3. Size, this will require you to consider both the size of the bathroom and the width of the vanity. Vanities may come with variations of either two or three or four lights. Remember to keep your bathroom balanced, and when purchasing the lights, they look better if they are not longer than the vanity width.
  4. The finish, choose one that complements everything else in your bathroom, this will help in giving you efficient bathroom illumination. If you have shiny fixtures in your bathroom, then going for vanity lights that have a nickel or chrome finish will be the best option for you.

With these tips already in your hands, let’s get into the ten best walls mounted bathroom lights with brushed nickel in the market.

1. Light Mordern Vanity/ Bathroom Light with Brushed Nickel Finish and Frosted Glass Shades,  Kira Home Armada 36″ 5

  • For the modern home, Kira home Armada 5 helps to bring a touch of class and brings out stunning aesthetics that are both breathtaking and excellent at improving the overall ambiance of your bathroom or other spaces you install them.
  • These vanity lights have white frosted glass shades and a brushed nickel finish.  Nickel finish is both modern and long-lasting. It also adds to the beauty of the lights. With the frosted glass shades, they help in preventing a lot of light from illuminating your bathroom. The glass shades are flexible in that you can either fix them facing upwards or downwards, depending on the lighting demands that you have.
  • With this lighting, you are not restricted to any specific lighting system. You have a choice between five different systems which may consist of either LED, CFL or 60W incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are, however, sold separately. You can choose whichever you prefer or one that will serve your overall lighting needs.
  • Kira Home Armada 5 is a great fit for any space. First, this lighting is easy to install, and you can choose to install them in various areas and decor. For example, you could mount them above vanity mirrors, over bathroom sinks, either single or dual ones, above kitchen sinks, in dark powder rooms, or hotels.
  • They are dimmer compatible. However, you will have to get both the dimmer bulbs and switch separately.
  • It is UL listed; therefore, your safety is ensured if you use the lights in a dumpy space.
  • Overall, these lights by Kira home have the highest quality, and to guarantee you of this, they provide you with a whole year warranty once you purchase the lights from their authorized dealers.

Customer feedback

Most online buyers of the Kira home Armada lights are satisfied with their purchase. They love how beautiful and useful the lighting is in illuminating their spaces.

With the five bulbs, each ranging from 40- 60W, the customers have said that they have the lights working well. They have also highlighted the usefulness of the dimming feature of the light because it helps them regulate the light when they do not need too much of it.

On the looks of the lights, most customers like the brushed metal finish and the frosted lamp. They said that the overall finish blended well with neutral colors.

2. Calhoun Collection Brushed Nickel Four-Light Bath Vanity Light

  • This is one of the best lightings for good vibes and chill times. It is ideal for mounting in bathrooms and interiors of both urban industrial and farmhouse interiors. It gives that balance of both modern and old school vibes, thanks to its vintage design. It changes your ordinary spaces into a breath of fresh air and a place you long to go back to every time you are away from home.
  • It has carefully thought glass shades, that are handmade and held firm by mechanical latches. They look similar to the antique spice jar, therefore bringing back some good old memories. This whole webbing together of details gives these lights a look that is gaze grabbing for sure!
  • It has a brushed nickel finish, bringing class and sass to the lightings. The light bases are held onto a sleek rectangular backplate with round arms that are carefully polished, therefore bringing a touch of modernity and adding to the aesthetics of the unit.
  • The unit has a width of 30-¼-inch, a height of 6-7/8 inch, and a depth extending to the wall of 6-7/8.
  • The overall quality of this unit is great. To ensure durability and effectiveness, the unit comes with a 1-year limited warranty; you don’t have to fear to make a purchase.

Customer Feedback

Customers who bought this lighting online are satisfied. Most of them are happy about the design and the ease of installation. They also liked the fact that the glass is not thin and brittle.

3. Bath and Vanity Wall Vanity Lighting, 5 Light, 500 Watts, Tannery Bronze by Kichler

  • These lights are a definition of perfection; no wonder the high rating online. Their frames have brushed nickel finish, but one can opt for either chrome or Tannery Bronze.
  • The lampshade is alabaster made, and the light can work with incandescent bulbs of up to 100-watt, this means you get the best lighting for whatever space you mount this light in.
  • Depending on your demands for lighting, you can install the alabaster glass lampshades, either facing upwards or downwards.
  • If you are looking to give your bathroom a traditional tone, Kichler 5339TZ is the best at it! It has a vintage frame design. The frame supporting the light jars is polished with either brushed nickel, chrome, or tannery bronze, thus further making this product attractive.
  • The Kichler 5339 Bath 5-light is UL certified and, therefore, safe for you to use in damp spaces.

Customer Feedback

Customers online are pleased by the overall design of this unit and its ease of installation.

Also, they like the beauty it adds to their rooms and the fact that it can be reversed to regulate the amount of light emanating from it.

4. Kira Home Mason 23″ 3- light Industrial Vanity/Bathroom Light

  • This is high-quality lighting for your spaces, it is stunning and therefore doubles up as a decorative piece.
  • It has seeded glass jars shades that come in different designs; therefore, you can choose your preferred one. These shades house the glow of the bright lights from the bulb.
  • This fixture illuminates spaces brightly; you can install it on top of your bathroom mirror, above your vanity table, etc. It blends well with both modern and traditional spaces. The unit is dimmer compatible.
  • The unit is UL listed to enhance safety. This means that you can use the piece in damp conditions. You can use 3LED, CFL, or traditional incandescent medium base bulbs of up to 60W. The bulbs are sold separately.
  • The unit comes with a 1-year warranty to guarantee the quality when purchased from a dealer that is authorized. This eliminates any fear or reservations that you may be having on purchasing the product.

Customer Feedback

The customers are pleased by the fact that with this unit, they pay for less and get more. The design and functionality of the unit ought to be more expensive than it is. They also appreciate the high quality of this fixture and the overall transformation it brings to spaces.

The great lights and the seeded lights also got several customers’ attention, and they appreciated the overall functionality of the unit. Some said the unit is “highly recommended. ”

5. Howplumb Brushed Nickel Vanity Bath Light

  • The style of these lights is modern yet very simple and classy. The unit has a nickel brushed, or oil Rubbed Bronze finish that is well coordinated with the line painted glass to blend well with a wide range of home decor. Besides, this finishing gives your home a touch of both traditional and modern styles.
  • The installation of these lights is simple and straightforward; you do not require the services of a professional to install them. You can opt to install the glasses either upwards or downwards depending on your illumination needs.
  • The unit has a standard size. It has a width of 18″ 8.5″ height, and depth of 7.” It requires you to use light bulbs that vary from 2-100W. It uses type A bulbs.
  • This unit is made of quality materials that are both beautiful and durable. A necessary addition to these lights is the mounting hardware that comes with it. They offer a lot of convenience to the user.

Customer Feedback

Online shoppers are hands down rooting for this product. They are impressed by the design and the reasonable price.

The customer support team for this product is incredible, and it has received endless praise from online shoppers.

Conclusive Thoughts

Each of this wall mounted bathroom lights with brushed nickel were well selected, and we ensured that we chose the ones that are durable, beautiful, and functional. Depending on your needs and budget, you can consider setting for either one of them to add to the aesthetic in your spaces and also to light up your rooms.

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